Monday, August 25, 2008

The blessing of friends!

I do have the best friends!!This morning I found out that the 8 dozen ears of corn I had ordered was ready to be picked up.I had kind of blocked out the thought that I had ordered it,thinking maybe because the weather has been so dry,there won't be enough corn...Sigh...Even though I do have more energy,it seemed like such an effort.Even just 8 dozen.BUT,enter my friend Pat.She had told me last week that I should call her and she will help me do it.Well,I thought,this is really impromptu and I didn't even know if she'd be home,but I bravely called her and of course she said yes,she'll be right over.So she came and now I have 25 bags of corn in the freezer...I am tired,but I couldn't have done it myself without being exhausted.Pat is an amazing and giving friend...I guess I just know how to pick friends!!We had fun talking while working and took a couple of breaks for sweet rolls and later I made smoothies.I wish I had taken pictures to post,but I didn't think of it till later.Thank you,thank you Pat!!!!

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