Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blogging and IV's

I have decided(or should I say JoEllen decided!) to start a blog to chronicle my CF journey.I had no clue that I was ON this journey until a couple of months ago,although I have had lung and sinus issues my entire life.I will tell my story in another entry...Right now,I am beginning my 18th day of antibiotic IV's.I am glad I can do them at home!!!I came home after one week in the hospital and have been on home IV's since that.A little more space to move around here!I will go to the cf clinic on Friday and hopefully the picc line will be pulled.I was hoping for that last Friday,but my PFT's were still down to where they were when I was admitted to the hospital.The last several weeks have been a bit mind boggling...I have definately had a crash course in cystic fibrosis and I feel like I have been properly initiated to the wonderful world of CF!!My days right now are pretty full of treatment time with 9 nebulized treatments,2 antibiotics IV's given back to back every 8 hours,using the vest 4 times a day and several stretching exercises.I cultured a bug called pseudomonas aeruginosa,(a typical CF bug)which I have learned cannot be gotten rid of,but they try to keep it under control.I am feeling better than I was before going into the hospital.The acheyness in my chest is getting better and I'm not coughing so much,which is amazing for me!!More later...

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Hummel Family said...

I had so much fun with you tonight!! Thanks for the blog. This will help us all to understand what you and other Cf patients go through.

Love ya!