Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Clinic today

Today was a good day at clinic,even though it was a long day with all the driving.I am still getting used to this whole team approach to medical care...very different from anything I've ever had before.As soon as I get in the waiting room,I have to purell my hands and mask up.Every CF patient has to do this because of cross-infection because of the bugs in our lungs,in my case p.aeruginosa.Clinics are careful with this because they have found that social contact between those with CF,even casual contact at clinic,can lead to the spread of infectious organisms.

At clinic,I get weighed,vitals taken,pulse oximetry measured,have PFT's done,physical exam and bloodwork.Today my primary time was with the nurse practitioner.My PFT's DID go up just a bit,not much,but I'll take it!!!Thank you for your prayers!Last Jan.was my very first pulmonary function test and it had fallen about 15% since then,so my goal is to get it back to that number if possible.I am tapering off the the prednisone now over the next several days.My lungs had just a few crackle sounds on the left side.

I saw the social worker who talked about a second insurance carrier,so I had those forms to fill out.Then someone else came in to talk about consenting to be in the CF data base and about participating in research trials at some point.They explain everything so well and take a lot of time for questions,etc.The whole clinic visit was 2 hours and I never had to wait more than a few minutes between all of these people coming in the room.

All this time,Brenda King was sitting in the waiting room,stitching a penny rug,waiting for me.Next we headed to the ENT office for my next appt.THEN the best part...Wally's Waffles!!!SOOOOOOO good.It's a little place across from the hospital that I highly recommend!!!

Now,I'm ready for bed...


Anonymous said...

taI'm sooo glad you started this blog - otherwise I would have had no idea what you're day was like. Aren't cousins great? So nice you are surrounded by those who care and can help.

65 Roses for Marcia said...

Hi Barb,
You're right,having her along turned it into a very fun day actually.She also helped me with directions,but since we are BOTH a bit directionally impaired,let's just say we ran into a few snags along the way.So lots of giggles.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marcia!

I'm glad you had a good day at the clinic. I agree starting a blog was a good I'm able to check in and "walk" with you on this journey. I've already learned a lot about what's happened in your life since becoming friends with you at college--a LONG time ago! Keep making progress!


Hummel Family said...

Yep, just now catching up! Its been a crazy few days. We are now in Indiana, so I am able to stay up LATE tonight! :)

So glad you had a good day at the clinic visit. I will keep praying for those PFT's!!!

Ya know, I always drove by Wally Waffles, but never gave it a try...I'm kicking myself NOW!!!!!

Thanks for the update...I was thinking of you on Wed!!