Monday, August 25, 2008

From the beginning...

My health problems began at birth.At age two weeks,I had surgery for pyloric stenosis,which causes severe projectile vomiting.During my early childhood,I was sick a lot from bronchitis and sinus infections and I remember being treated for allergies.When I was 5, I had my tonsils and adenoids removed...I had tubes put in my ears several times because I would get fluid behind the eardrums.The tubes helped for awhile,then they'd come out and it would happen all over.This recurring sick stuff went on through high school. People I didn't know always asked me if I had a "cold" because I coughed a lot and sounded congested. I remember one time my chest started hurting while at a basketball game.It kept getting worse and worse.I didn't want to make a big deal about it to my friends,but it was hard to concentrate on the game!I made it through the game,told my friend to go get my parents (they were there too).It was hard to breathe.It was a severe infection in my pleural wall.I used to get pleurisy a lot too.

First two years of college went fairly well...then the summer after my soph year,I got very sick,throwing up,severe stomach pains.I was in the hospital almost a week doing tests and getting worse.Then I was transferred to another hospital.They had been thinking it might be a gall bladder problem,but it turned out to be a bowel obstruction.There were also a lot of adhesions everywhere from the pyloric surgery.I almost ended up with a colostomy.My electrolytes were off balance because all of the vomiting for so long,that my heart went into v-fib during surgery and I was "coded".Fun stuff!!....After that surgery,I started realizing that God must really have a purpose for me here on this earth.

I graduated college with a degree in elementary education and got a job teaching Title one reading back home.The following year,I taught first grade.I did have a rough bout with pneumonia during my second year of teaching.But for the most part,things were going well...I had met Warren and we were engaged.Then one evening in mid-May,we were coming home from a concert and I started getting sick and stomach pains again.He took me home and sure enough,I was in the hospital the next day and it was another bowel obstruction,so surgery again.And I was getting married in 6 weeks!!I was working on wedding stuff from the hospital!God gave us a spectacular wedding day weather was an outdoor wedding at my parent's house.Little did my poor husband know what he had gotten into by marrying me!!!More surgeries were to follow over the years.He has hung in there with me though,we just celebrated our 32nd anniversary in June!


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a STRONG lady!

God DOES have a purpose for you to be here on this earth!

Hummel Family said...

Yes, she is STRONG!!!

Goodness, I didn't realize all that you've gone through! And I thought I knew you! ha!!

Hope you had a good day today!

Lonnie Hartzler said...

Marcia - Audrey told me about your blog - was so happy to find it -- you are an inspiration. Keep it up - it was fun to be reminded of your beautiful outdoor wedding! Lonnie Hartzler