Friday, August 29, 2008

Heading into the storms!

We are getting ready to leave for Florida...we're ready for some relaxing time after this bizarre summer of mine.But we are heading right towards the tropical storms Gustav and Hanna!!I guess everything depends on how and when they hit.I checked the extended forcast and it showed rain every day next week...sigh.Oh well,it will still be relaxing,I'm sure!My hubby and son are leaving this afternoon and driving down.My daughter-in-law and I are flying tomorrow with their two babies,ages 3 mo.and 21 mo...can you say exhaustion???AND we have a layover in Atlanta.I will be taking all my meds,vest,nebulizer along,but the guys are taking it,so it'll be a day and a half without any of that.I feel like I'm stabilized enough now that I'll be OK,but things can change so quickly.So please pray for traveling safety for all of us and that I can have enough energy just to get there!!


Hummel Family said...

Oh my! I will be praying!!!!!!

I hope you all enjoy your time together...get some rest while you are there! Enjoy the beach for me. I am jealous! Although it sounds like its going to be raining. Maybe you will get lucky and have a few hours of sunshine.

Can't wait to see pictures!

Anonymous said...

hope you have a great time! hope you got a book with 2000 stickers- and a camera to take a picture of all those stickers on your face and body in the plane seat- that should take up ?? 15 minutes of your flight!! have fun!! BP