Saturday, August 16, 2008

Picc is out!

After 3 weeks of IV antibiotics,my picc line came out this morning.Yay!!It just came out like a piece of spaghetti!!Weird to watch.Although let me just say,having the picc was SO much easier to live with than having a regular IV.And a handy little access to draw blood from.I gained 3 pounds this week,oh my.But I was disappointed with my PFT's(pulmonary function test).They are down even lower than when I went into the hospital 3 weeks ago.Doing PFT's is HARD!!!The doctors are still figuring out the right meds for me,so they may be changing some things in the next couple of weeks.Ten days of prednisone was added as well as calcium.

When we got home this afternoon,everything was weeded and looked wonderful!!A HUGE thank you to my Yada Yada prayer group,you guys are great!!

I celebrated being off IV's tonight with my friends Gail and Karen...we had Winesburg pizza and Guerne ice cream.Can't get much better than that!


Nick and Steph said...

Hi Marcia!
I'm so happy you decided to blog! you know i'm praying for you and i'm happy the Picc is OUT! I'm sorry the PFT's were down, but pray that the changes the make to your meds will bring them up! Can't wait to have a girls night again!


Hummel Family said...

YAY, so glad it is out! I will be praying for the PFT's!!

See you sooon!

Laura said...

Hey, saw you at church this morning, but couldn't make my way over. You were busy talking and I was busy talking (imagine that).

I heard the girls night happened while I was at Lakeside. Not fair. Let's plan one again soon. Winesburg pizza sounds really good!!!

Thanks for all the updates. You're in my prayers every day!!


Brenda said...

Hi Marcia,
Nice you have a blog! GLad you are feeling better- learning new things is always a challenge but I'm sure you'll do fine. Always have to smile when I think of our time as MYF sponsors and I looked over at you one time and you were drinking ?Mt Dew? straight out of the 2-liter !! that was great!!!! I'm prayin for you!

Tracy Anne said...

Hello Marcia,

I just wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers! This is such a strange diagnosis but it seems like our Lord is in this! Thanks for the blog so we can keep track of how to pray...

Anonymous said...

Marcia, I too am praying for you and for Warren. I hope this blog gives you a lot of opportunity to share your story and also receive encouragement on the journey. Brenda H