Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Teaching school

Today is the first day of school in our district.And I will have to say,I'm glad I'm not there!I taught first grade and Kindergarten for many years,although most of the Kindergarten years,I was able to teach only part time...which in our district is two full days one week and three the next.The kids, parents and staff were great to work with and while I did really enjoy it... THINK OF THE GERMS!!I quit working three years ago at my doctor's orders,even though he didn't know I had CF.I had been really sick,stuggling with going to school and he did a bronchoscopy (procedure where they suction and wash out the lungs) and afterwards,had a very serious talk with me.He showed me pictures of infection pooling in my lungs from the bronchiectasis.I missed the last couple of weeks of school and decided I do really need to concentrate on staying as healthy as possible.It really was hard and exhausting to teach,especially the last several years I taught.The coughing was getting was impossible to get through any kind of lesson or reading a book without a coughing fit.I went to school sick a lot.The first fall when I didn't return to the classroom,it felt soooo strange...I had to get used to it.But it was nice to be able to stop and rest if I needed to during the day.I didn't have to push myself to get things done on "my day off".My doctor did start having me use the vest percussion method and I was doing some nebulizing treatments.But I still wasn't completely comprehending how sick I really was.I was "used" to feeling like this.

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Anonymous said...

I'll be reading and checking in regularly. I may not often comment but know I'm here. It's all very interesting to me, especially how they missed the CF through the years. Love and prayers! Barb