Monday, September 29, 2008

My WICKED weekend!

On Friday night,I went to see the musical Wicked.I went with my friend Gail and our daughters Shannon and Tiffany.We went to Pittsburgh,which is a little over two hours away.We had all gone together to Toronto to see Phantom several years ago and decided it was high time to see another musical.

We arrived at the Benedum Theater about half an hour before it started.

We had really good seats down front.The curtain was a map of Oz.

Gail and Shannon checking out the program before the show.

The show was just amazing and we loved the music!!If you don't know the story,it's a prequel to the Wizard of Oz...about Elphaba,the wicked witch and Glinda,the good witch.Lots of humor,some sad parts,along with good lessons woven throughout the story.Glinda was a hoot!We all said we could see it again!!Afterwards,we went to check in at our hotel and after we got settled in,we decided that we needed to eat,so we went down to the hotel restaurant.We were up sooo late...I think it was after 2:00.Good thing we could sleep in Sat.morning!We left the hotel late morning and drove to the Strip district.On Saturdays on the Strip,there are vendors on the streets,selling all kinds of foods,produce,t-shirts,jewelry, etc.Our favorite stores were the Macaroni Company,Pittsburgh Popcorn Company and Penzeys Spices.There were also different ethnic grocery stores that were fun to look through.Most of what we bought was food!

We ate a late lunch at Primanti Bros...a unique sandwich restaurant.They serve coleslaw and french fries right on the giant sandwiches.

The waiter was quite friendly!!

Loved smelling all the different spices at Penzeys.We all bought several kinds.Wish we had one of these stores here in town!

Finally,we all had to take a rest and we sat for awhile outside of the popcorn store and just relaxed.It was a great weekend...we got back early Sat.evening.Shannon bought the Wicked CD,so we listened to that the whole way home.A perfect ending to our wonderfully wicked weekend!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Florida September,2008

I finally figured out how to do this slide show stuff.Thank you Steph and JoEllen for your help!!Maybe sometime I'll get brave and even try a video!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Experiencing Ike...

This was the view from my second story bedroom window Monday morning.Who would have thought a hurricane would ever hit Ohio???Sunday evening we were at my brother's house for our Sunday evening family night when the winds began.I think we were prepared for a couple of rainy days from hurricane Ike,but who knew we would have winds gusting up to 75 mph???Three big trees fell over at his place,several trees snapped at my dad's house.Two branches fell from the tree in our front yard and one in the back.
A tree that is partway over the road just above our place.The road is closed because it leads to the tree in the next picture.The tree fell across power lines and thus,we are without power,as are lots of others.We've been without electric since Sunday evening.So you are wondering how I'm posting this...we do have a generator.Three years ago we had an ice storm and were without electric for several days,so we got a generator.It is a GREAT thing to have!!But we are ready for the electric to be on too...the gas is expensive to run it!!
Schools and several businesses were closed was like having a snow day in Sept!Township roads were considered a level 3,meaning don't drive on them.Several roads were completely closed with trees across them.But we are very lucky because the weather has cooled down quite nicely.We can have windows open,it's not too hot,not too cold.There are still lots of generators running in town.There were 2 million power outages in Ohio.Today there was school and things are slowly getting back to normal...It's amazing what wind can do!!!Time to turn off the generator until morning.Good night!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My favorite little boys!

Love that Big Olaf's ice cream!!!

Hanging out in the condo with Grandma and Grandpa while mom and dad were out on a date.

Sweet baby Perrin out by the pool.
Ready to leave for Florida...
One of Kayden's favorite foods..."booberries".I kept him supplied!

One evening on the beach at sunset.

Friday, September 12, 2008


It was a wonderful, relaxing time, but the best part was being with the grandbabies every day for a week! Warren and I stayed at my dad's condo and my aunt and uncle graciously let Jeremy, Steph and the kids stay in their condo about a mile away. We were on the third floor,overlooking water and a drawbridge. I love to sit on the little screened in porch area and watch the boats. I turned the porch into my medical area and did my vest and nebs here,it didn't seem to take so long with a good view! We walked on the beach in the evenings,fed the seagulls, played in the sand, went in the pool, ate a LOT, rented a couple of movies,sat in the sun(the vitamin D thing), played with the babies and just relaxed.Stephanie and I went to Tervis Tumblers one day.These are the best insulated glasses and mugs.Then we had a makeover done,that was fun!Steph looked hot!I looked,well,just maybe a little better...We should have taken pictures.More beach and pool pictures to come...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Getting some vitamin D

We made it to FLA safe and sound!It was a hectic traveling day to get here,but the boys were good for the most part,it was just a long day!When we got to Atlanta,we ended up being delayed an extra hour and a half.It was really storming in Sarasota at the time and we were afraid we might be stuck there for quite awhile,but it was only an extra hour and a half,so total of 3 hours layover.Saturday evening and Sunday it rained a lot from Gustav,but it has been just beautiful ever since then.So far,we haven't been affected by Hannah,no rain in sight today.I am not normally a lay in the sun person,but my doctor told me to get more sun because I'm low in vitamin D.So the last few days I've been laying out by the pool for half an hour at a time.I'm being careful,because I burn easily.

We have been enjoying seeing our grandbabies every day!Kayden (21 mo.)did NOT like the beach...didn't like the feel of the sand or the ocean...wouldn't put his feet down.He did finally scoop a bit of sand in a bucket and was intrigued by the seagulls.We'll try it again tonight...I'll post some pictures when I get back.

So far,I've been feeling pretty well.I'm done with the steroids now,hope I can maintain this.
Our plans for the rest of the week...sleep,read,walk on the beach,play with the kids,eat as much shrimp as possible,as well as Sweet Berries ice cream.Yum...Life is good...