Friday, September 12, 2008


It was a wonderful, relaxing time, but the best part was being with the grandbabies every day for a week! Warren and I stayed at my dad's condo and my aunt and uncle graciously let Jeremy, Steph and the kids stay in their condo about a mile away. We were on the third floor,overlooking water and a drawbridge. I love to sit on the little screened in porch area and watch the boats. I turned the porch into my medical area and did my vest and nebs here,it didn't seem to take so long with a good view! We walked on the beach in the evenings,fed the seagulls, played in the sand, went in the pool, ate a LOT, rented a couple of movies,sat in the sun(the vitamin D thing), played with the babies and just relaxed.Stephanie and I went to Tervis Tumblers one day.These are the best insulated glasses and mugs.Then we had a makeover done,that was fun!Steph looked hot!I looked,well,just maybe a little better...We should have taken pictures.More beach and pool pictures to come...


Hummel Family said...

I am so glad you had a nice relaxing vacation! Sounds like the weather cooperated after all! Yes, i wish you had pics of those makeovers!!!

I am sure we'll catch up soon!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful view you had from your condo! I'm glad you had an enjoyable vacation. Hey! My hubby agrees with you on the Tervis Tumblers. He got us started on them and we use them ALL the time. They're great!