Monday, September 29, 2008

My WICKED weekend!

On Friday night,I went to see the musical Wicked.I went with my friend Gail and our daughters Shannon and Tiffany.We went to Pittsburgh,which is a little over two hours away.We had all gone together to Toronto to see Phantom several years ago and decided it was high time to see another musical.

We arrived at the Benedum Theater about half an hour before it started.

We had really good seats down front.The curtain was a map of Oz.

Gail and Shannon checking out the program before the show.

The show was just amazing and we loved the music!!If you don't know the story,it's a prequel to the Wizard of Oz...about Elphaba,the wicked witch and Glinda,the good witch.Lots of humor,some sad parts,along with good lessons woven throughout the story.Glinda was a hoot!We all said we could see it again!!Afterwards,we went to check in at our hotel and after we got settled in,we decided that we needed to eat,so we went down to the hotel restaurant.We were up sooo late...I think it was after 2:00.Good thing we could sleep in Sat.morning!We left the hotel late morning and drove to the Strip district.On Saturdays on the Strip,there are vendors on the streets,selling all kinds of foods,produce,t-shirts,jewelry, etc.Our favorite stores were the Macaroni Company,Pittsburgh Popcorn Company and Penzeys Spices.There were also different ethnic grocery stores that were fun to look through.Most of what we bought was food!

We ate a late lunch at Primanti Bros...a unique sandwich restaurant.They serve coleslaw and french fries right on the giant sandwiches.

The waiter was quite friendly!!

Loved smelling all the different spices at Penzeys.We all bought several kinds.Wish we had one of these stores here in town!

Finally,we all had to take a rest and we sat for awhile outside of the popcorn store and just relaxed.It was a great weekend...we got back early Sat.evening.Shannon bought the Wicked CD,so we listened to that the whole way home.A perfect ending to our wonderfully wicked weekend!


Hummel Family said...

Awesome! Sounds like a fun time. I loved all the pics! See, you are getting the hang of this!! :) You are so blessed to have energy to get out and do these type of things! So happy for you!

Have a great week.

Shannon Goad said...

Woohoo! What a wonderfully Wicked weekend! (How's that for alliteration??) I have been listening to the CD incessantly since we returned. I think we should make this an annual September event! Love your blog (I've been checking it every day...), and I'm praying for you, too. Big hugs to you (I can't believe you left out the part about your toenail...).

Anonymous said...

So glad you guys had such a nice weekend. I envy you - I'd love to have someone to do things like that with! Always checking for updates. Thought of you lots these last "2 weeks especially.

Trophy Life said...

i'm a friend of Shannon's and she told me to check out the pictures of your wild weekend! it sure looks like you ladies had a ton of fun. also, i said a little prayer for your health; even if we don't even know each other, every prayer helps. I know that Shannon feels lucky to have spent this time with you, your daughter and her mother.

Celine said...

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