Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Back on IV's

I had a clinic appointment last Friday afternoon at Akron. PFT's showed FEV1 down to 42% and .99 liter.Eek!For my height and weight,I should be taking in 2.38 liters of oxygen. I have been coughing more and my chest has been feeling tight the last week and was sounding crackly and wheezy again.My doctor said she felt I needed to go back on IV's,but thankfully, is letting me do them at home instead of the hospital.I was a bit depressed that I needed them again so soon,but glad I can do them at home.And I AM glad they're treating me aggressively.So,Monday morning I had an ENT appointment and after that I had to get the picc line put in again.It did not go quite as smoothly as last time!The line was in too close to my heart and making my heart do funny things,so the tube had to be pulled out about an inch.It was quite a long tiring day!

Tuesday,the home health nurse came and brought my IV equipment and meds,taking over my fridge again!I needed a refresher course in administering the meds,but it came back to me pretty quick.I am on two different antibiotics than last time...tobramycin and ceftazidime.I run the ceftazidime every 8 6am,2pm and 10pm.Each time takes 30 min.The tobra is from 1 to 2pm.I had to have blood drawn before I started and 6 hrs.later.The nurse will be back on draw more blood and change the picc dressing.They need to do blood levels because the tobra can affect the kidneys.I also have to add an extra vest and inhaler treatment in the afternoon.So the next two weeks,I'll pretty much just be doing lots of treatments,trying to get back on track again.I did have a couple of good months after the last IV's.I really felt pretty good for awhile!

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Thanks for sharing your story with us. I'm praying for you. Sheila G