Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving pictures

Hey everybody,let's eat!

We brined the turkey this year and it was sooo good.I used the recipe from Pioneer woman.So tender and juicy...It was probably the best turkey I ever ate!And the 16 of us ate that whole thing!

I made 2 pumpkin pies and 1 french silk chocolate.


Aila's first wishbone..."I wish my grammie would come back from Utah right NOW..."
She and Jill couldn't go along with Kevin and Judy and the rest of their family because Jill is coaching 7th grade basketball.

My sweet baby.

My energetic on the go nonstop big boy.

Aila and Kayden having fun with giant legos.

...while some of the rest just veg out after eating.

Perrin all packed up and ready to leave.

while someone else is NOT ready to leave...

and grandma is left to cuddle the dog...

Thursday, November 27, 2008


I was thinking today of all the things I'm thankful for and there's so much,I couldn't possible list it all.But here are a just a few things...

I'm thankful for my hubby,who has always been there for me,through the good and bad.We still have fun together and laugh a lot.
I'm thankful for my son,my daughter,daughter-in-law and my two adorable little grandsons.
I'm thankful for my smart little dog Meg.
I'm thankful for my dad and the rest of my family...we have gone through some tough times through the years,but have hung in there together as a family.
I'm thankful for my church family...they are wonderful.
I'm thankful that I have some very good friends who keep me sane...
I'm thankful for good health insurance!
I'm thankful that I have finally been diagnosed with CF and am now getting the proper treatment.
I'm thankful that I'm feeling good right now.
I'm thankful every morning when I wake up and can see clearly (lasik surgery is great).
Most of all,I'm thankful that I'm a child of God,who loves me unconditionally,even though I don't deserve it!
I'm thankful that in tough times I have my faith to keep me strong.

Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A busy week...

My week was kinda busy,but fun.My grandson Kayden turned 2 on Warren and I made the trip to their place to have a little celebration.But little Perrin wasn't feeling so well that night.We found out the next day from doing bloodwork that he has mono!I didn't know babies get mono,but I guess they do!I wanted to go help Steph this week,since he wasn't sleeping well at night,but called my cf dr.and she said it probably would be better to stay away from him for a few days,since it's a respiratory thing.Bummer.Then Tues.hubby started getting sick...sore throat,then head cold and chest hurting.He came home from work sick and was worse on Wed.On Fri.he didn't go to work,so I KNEW he really felt awful.I banished him to the other bedroom to sleep all week and have been using clorox wipes and Lysol everywhere!He did work this morning and is feeling a somewhat better today.I so hope I don't get it,because I feel really good right now after having the IV's.

On Wed. evening I drove an hr.and a half (by myself,I might add),to watch Tiffany's music program.She teaches elementary music.I had NO clue how to get to the school,but thankfully my GPS took me right to the door!It was a 6th grade musical about composers...they did very well.I went to her place a little afterwards,so got home kinda late.And then had to do my treatments.Late,late...

Thurs.I decided it would be a good day to stay in my pj's...just I did.I didn't do much except worked on some sewing projects I'm doing for Christmas gifts.Fri.I got groceries for Thanksgiving and that evening, I went to the high school music madrigal with my dad and some friends.The kids did a fantastic job with the music and the food was wonderful!You felt like you were dining in a castle in midieval times.

Jeremy brought Kayden here this afternoon and Kayden is staying overnight.Jeremy and Steph will come tomorrow afternoon and in the evening we're having a small birthday party for Kayden over at my dad's at night.Perrin is doing better,but I probably won't hold him,which will be a trial for me!Jeremy and Steph would like to move back to this area and are trying to sell their townhouse,so they were going to work on some painting this afternoon and evening.It's hard to do that with 2 little kids around.Kayden has been a good little boy,now hoping he sleeps all night...time for me to get some sleep too.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Got spoons??

I have always been a low energy person.I've always been used to pushing myself to get things done.Now I can understand WHY I haven't had a lot of energy.It used to be so frustrating for me when I wanted to get stuff done or be involved in things at church like everyone else,but I would get tired so quickly.Other people could do this,why couldn't I??So,I would push myself.I can't do that so easily anymore...Now I've been learning my limits and am accepting that I can't do it all and I'm better off having finally learned this!

A friend of mine told me about the spoon theory,which explains it well.You can read about it here.There are some days when I feel like I have many spoons...other days,I hardly have any to spare.I'm still learning to pace myself,prioritize and make choices so that I don't use up all my spoons!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Good news!

Audrey just called me and said that Bob has started to really improve in the last 24 hours!They took the ventilator off,he does NOT need the trach that they were going to put in today and they took out his feeding tube.He is still sleeping a lot,but has talked a little to the doctors and Audrey.PTL!!Thanks to those of you who have been lifting them up in prayer!Keep praying for continued improvement and complete healing...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


YES!!!...I got my picc line taken out today!All 42 inches of it...I just have a bandage on till tomorrow.AND my pft's were up a little...49% and 1.17 liter.I am feeling good right now and I am hoping that I can maintain this for awhile!The hard part is that when I feel good,I tend to do too much,then I get overtired,then I get sick... So I'm trying to work on that.For now,I'll enjoy the freedom from the early morning and late night IV's and love breathing a little better!!

I did a little Christmas shopping after my appointment,then went over to Aultman to see Audrey.She is quite a trooper!She goes home every night to try to get some sleep and then goes back for the day.Bob is still about the same.He is stable...mostly sleeping...some movement.His right side is strong,his left side is weak.He has short periods of connecting to what is being said.He still has fluctuating blood pressure.The plan is to remove his breathing tube on Friday and insert a trach.Please continue to pray for Bob to heal and for strength for Audrey.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Update on Bob

Audrey has been texting/calling/emailing.They THINK that the bleeding was caused by high blood pressure,causing a blood vessel deep in his brain to leak.The bleeding has stopped or clotted now due to the factor stuff he is getting.They tried to bring him out of the induced sleep yesterday,but his blood pressure went up,so they put him right back into sedation.(He is on blood pressure medication).They will try to wake him up again today.They will probably not have to do surgery now.This has affected his left side kind of like a stroke would,so he will need therapy as he improves.He is still in ICU and still in pretty serious condition.Please continue to pray for his complete healing and for strength for Audrey...she is very tired!

Friday, November 7, 2008

God's beautiful colors

I do love this's kind of like a second spring.The colors around here this fall have been beautiful!I have been enjoying the warm weather this week...gorgeous and warm until today.It's colder and lightly raining,but that's also inevitable in the fall and we are a good ways into November.These are just a few pictures of the colors around my house.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Clinic today and a prayer request

Clinic...Ok,so I shouldn't have been too pft's simply will not improve!!Still at 42% and 1.00 liter.So they want me to continue the home IV's for another week. I will go back next Wed.and HOPEfully there will be an improvement by then.I also lost 4 pounds,which surprised me.My resting pulse ox is 94%.She said my lungs are not sounding as crackly,but still wheezy.At least I can talk!!

Prayer request...I had my phone turned off at my appointment and when I turned it back on,I noticed that my friend Audrey had called.(This is my friend who I blogged about earlier).Strange,because she doesn't usually call me while she's at school.I called her back and she said her husband Bob is bleeding on his brain and they're ready to lifeflight him to Aultman hospital.So I said I'll come right over as I was only about 20 minutes away.He was in ER and on a ventilator and somewhat sedated.The CT scan showed the bleeding and they are going to do an MRI sometime tonight.He also has hemophilia,so they gave him factor right away.They will possibly do surgery to put in a shunt to drain the bleeding,but said it is too risky at this point.He was taken to surgical ICU,only immediate family can go in,but can't talk to him.He can't have any kind of stimulation at this point,has to be kept very quiet.Their 3 children are all out of state,but are on their way.Please pray for Bob...that the doctors can figure out what is causing this,for the right treatment and for peace and comfort for Audrey and family as they wait...
Thanks!Time to get the IV's ready...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Good weekend

On Sunday afternoon,Jeremy,Stephanie and the boys came.It was Steph's birthday and they had planned to stay overnight.Tiffany was here too,so our whole family was together.I was ready to get my hands on those boys again!On Monday Steph and I met JoEllen and her kids at Burger King close to our house.The kids had a great time playing and it was fun to get out a bit.Here are some pictures that JoEllen took.She always has her trusty camera handy!

Kayden taking a little time to eat.

Couldn't this be a Burger King advertisement??

Kayden ready to go down the slide with Jakobi right behind him.

Maylee and Jakobi checking out Perrin.

Caislyn trying to get Perrin to smile.

Big brown eyes.

Perrin sitting on the alligator.He can't quite sit on his own yet.

Steph and I with the boys.If you look closely,you can see on my arm where my picc line goes in.

All five sitting on the alligator.

I'll post tomorrow after my clinic appointment.I'm hoping that I can get my picc line pulled!