Saturday, November 22, 2008

A busy week...

My week was kinda busy,but fun.My grandson Kayden turned 2 on Warren and I made the trip to their place to have a little celebration.But little Perrin wasn't feeling so well that night.We found out the next day from doing bloodwork that he has mono!I didn't know babies get mono,but I guess they do!I wanted to go help Steph this week,since he wasn't sleeping well at night,but called my cf dr.and she said it probably would be better to stay away from him for a few days,since it's a respiratory thing.Bummer.Then Tues.hubby started getting sick...sore throat,then head cold and chest hurting.He came home from work sick and was worse on Wed.On Fri.he didn't go to work,so I KNEW he really felt awful.I banished him to the other bedroom to sleep all week and have been using clorox wipes and Lysol everywhere!He did work this morning and is feeling a somewhat better today.I so hope I don't get it,because I feel really good right now after having the IV's.

On Wed. evening I drove an hr.and a half (by myself,I might add),to watch Tiffany's music program.She teaches elementary music.I had NO clue how to get to the school,but thankfully my GPS took me right to the door!It was a 6th grade musical about composers...they did very well.I went to her place a little afterwards,so got home kinda late.And then had to do my treatments.Late,late...

Thurs.I decided it would be a good day to stay in my pj's...just I did.I didn't do much except worked on some sewing projects I'm doing for Christmas gifts.Fri.I got groceries for Thanksgiving and that evening, I went to the high school music madrigal with my dad and some friends.The kids did a fantastic job with the music and the food was wonderful!You felt like you were dining in a castle in midieval times.

Jeremy brought Kayden here this afternoon and Kayden is staying overnight.Jeremy and Steph will come tomorrow afternoon and in the evening we're having a small birthday party for Kayden over at my dad's at night.Perrin is doing better,but I probably won't hold him,which will be a trial for me!Jeremy and Steph would like to move back to this area and are trying to sell their townhouse,so they were going to work on some painting this afternoon and evening.It's hard to do that with 2 little kids around.Kayden has been a good little boy,now hoping he sleeps all night...time for me to get some sleep too.


Aspiemom said...

I haven't been feeling well, so am just now getting caught up with reading my blogs. I read a little here and there.

It sounds like you've been having lots of family time! YEAH!! I sure hope that you don't get sick from your husband or the baby.

Hummel Family said...

Hope you are staying away from all those sick germs! They seem to be everywhere!!

We need to do another girls night again! I miss you all.

HAPPY Early Thanksgiving!