Wednesday, November 12, 2008


YES!!!...I got my picc line taken out today!All 42 inches of it...I just have a bandage on till tomorrow.AND my pft's were up a little...49% and 1.17 liter.I am feeling good right now and I am hoping that I can maintain this for awhile!The hard part is that when I feel good,I tend to do too much,then I get overtired,then I get sick... So I'm trying to work on that.For now,I'll enjoy the freedom from the early morning and late night IV's and love breathing a little better!!

I did a little Christmas shopping after my appointment,then went over to Aultman to see Audrey.She is quite a trooper!She goes home every night to try to get some sleep and then goes back for the day.Bob is still about the same.He is stable...mostly sleeping...some movement.His right side is strong,his left side is weak.He has short periods of connecting to what is being said.He still has fluctuating blood pressure.The plan is to remove his breathing tube on Friday and insert a trach.Please continue to pray for Bob to heal and for strength for Audrey.


Judy said...

Yeah!! I'm so glad to hear your picc line is out and that you're feeling better! I'm excited for you! Just TAKE IT EASY and don't rush into things so that you get set back.

....will continue to pray for you, Bob and Audrey.

Aspiemom said...

I remember how that feels to finally get the PICC out! And no normal medicine schedule to cut into your sleep and everything else.

Good for you. Your PFT's are high. Mine haven't been there in over 5 years, which is when I was dx.