Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Good weekend

On Sunday afternoon,Jeremy,Stephanie and the boys came.It was Steph's birthday and they had planned to stay overnight.Tiffany was here too,so our whole family was together.I was ready to get my hands on those boys again!On Monday Steph and I met JoEllen and her kids at Burger King close to our house.The kids had a great time playing and it was fun to get out a bit.Here are some pictures that JoEllen took.She always has her trusty camera handy!

Kayden taking a little time to eat.

Couldn't this be a Burger King advertisement??

Kayden ready to go down the slide with Jakobi right behind him.

Maylee and Jakobi checking out Perrin.

Caislyn trying to get Perrin to smile.

Big brown eyes.

Perrin sitting on the alligator.He can't quite sit on his own yet.

Steph and I with the boys.If you look closely,you can see on my arm where my picc line goes in.

All five sitting on the alligator.

I'll post tomorrow after my clinic appointment.I'm hoping that I can get my picc line pulled!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear the picc line didn't come out. Hopefully it will real soon! Thanks for sharing the pictures of the kids. So cute! I can't believe how big Perrin is getting already. He's a little doll baby! Bet all the kids had a ball playing at Burger King!