Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving pictures

Hey everybody,let's eat!

We brined the turkey this year and it was sooo good.I used the recipe from Pioneer woman.So tender and juicy...It was probably the best turkey I ever ate!And the 16 of us ate that whole thing!

I made 2 pumpkin pies and 1 french silk chocolate.


Aila's first wishbone..."I wish my grammie would come back from Utah right NOW..."
She and Jill couldn't go along with Kevin and Judy and the rest of their family because Jill is coaching 7th grade basketball.

My sweet baby.

My energetic on the go nonstop big boy.

Aila and Kayden having fun with giant legos.

...while some of the rest just veg out after eating.

Perrin all packed up and ready to leave.

while someone else is NOT ready to leave...

and grandma is left to cuddle the dog...

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Judy said...

Once again, sure did enjoy your pictures! That Perrin is a little doll baby and Kayden sure looks like his daddy in the "not happy to leave" picture. Hope your Thanksgiving weekend went well and that you didn't overdo! Your turkey and pies look yummy!! (I've never tasted a brined turkey--I'll have to get my guys on to that!!) Take care and have a wonderful week!