Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

Last few days of Puerto Rico

Two tires on our rental car were flat this morning and we ended up getting another car.There were lots and lots of kids at breakfast this morning.We found out it was a swim team.As we were out relaxing and getting some sun,we found out that back home there is a two hour school delay because of freezing rain.We were glad that we were basking in 80 degrees and sunny!We left for Lindsay's game at around 3:30.It was played at the same place,the University of Puerto Rico.Her team won this game by 10.Getting home was a bit stressful.We got lost again...long story,but ended up asking directions from a policeman,who ended up escorting us back to the right road.Finally,we made it back to familiar territory.We ate rice and beans and listened to Katelyn's(niece)basketball game via computer.

Breakfast at usual at the motel,then outside by the pool.Keep in mind that I always had to go up to the room first and do all my treatments and vest time and THEN I'd go out.The girls had fun in the ocean today trying to catch fish with their hands.Today was hotter than usual.Not that we complained!!At 12:30 we left to drive to Old San Juan.As usual when trying to find a place,we got lost,but we arrived in one piece.It was an interesting old city.We saw the old forts,mansion a beautiful old post office.I told Warren he should apply to work there during the winter!We had fun going in many of the shops.The buildings were all different colors.We did a lot of walking and I did pretty good with it.It was a tiring day...we sat out by the ocean and relaxed that evening.

Our last day.We were out in the sun one last time.Dad even ventured out to bask for a few minutes.Karen and I walked a bit on the beach.At 12:30,we boarded the bus to go to San Juan to the airport.The plane left at 4 and flew to Philadelphia.The plane was a 767,the biggest one I had ever been on!At Phila.we were delayed an extra hour.We got to Pittsburgh after 11,had to wait a long time for the luggage,then had to drive home.We brought Lindsay home with us.We got to my place at 2:30am.Long day!!!Five tired people!I'm just so glad I got to go back to PR.It was such a fun,relaxing week(except for the driving!)I will post some pictures in my next post.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Puerto Rico cont.

I woke up abruptly to Karen saying there is going to be a tsunami drill in a couple of minutes.I just heard the word tsunami and FLEW out of bed!It ended up that the drill was mostly for the employees and it was interesting to watch from our 7th floor deck.A helicopter hovered and the employees all met and walked down the tsunami marked road.We were glad there is a plan...

The weather here is just amazing!It's around 80,but not humid and always a breeze.I'm not a lay in the sun person,but here it is fun because you don't sweat.It rains a few times a day,mostly in the morning.Sometimes it's just for a few minutes and then the sun is right back out.I just know it's going to be hard to go back to the cold Ohio weather.Can I just stay here for the winter???

We sat in the sun awhile after breakfast,then dad and I went in search of more lachon.We finally found a stand after about an hour.They were out of rice,but we got the meat and garlic bread.We brought it back and the four of us enjoyed it at a table in the shade by the pool.We relaxed some more by the pool,thinking what a life...stomachs full and such perfect weather!Later,we showered and went to a spanish grocery store.I wanted to get a spice called achiote that mom used to use when making rice and beans.

We ate supper at a place called Del Terazzo,where the locals frequent.The food was authentic puerto rican and wonderful!We were on a deck with votive candles at the tables,lights wrapped around palm trees,beautiful atmosphere,we loved it.Except dad wanted florescent lights to see...puhleeze!It was a fun evening.After that,we headed over to a pastry shop(as if we weren't full enough)..It was right before closing time,so along with our order,they gave us 3 boxes of free pastries.We gave those to Lindsay to share with her teammates.

The team had gone to a rainforest all afternoon and evening.I knew I couldn't go,because it was in the mountains.Didn't want to go through the lack of oxygen experience again!Dad,Karen and Mary Beth thought about going along,but ended up staying here too.

We ended the evening listening to the Hiland/Triway boys basketball game via computer.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Puerto Rico

After a looooong day,we arrived safely in Puerto Rico.We got up at 2:15am to leave by 3.When we picked up dad,he was still in bed!So we got going later than expected,but we were OK.We had to drive to Pittsburgh,PA and the plane left at 7.We had a layover in Charlotte,NC.We arrived in PR at about 1:30 and got to the motel by 3:00pm.I did my treatments,then we explored.We ate at the motel and the food was great.The rooms are typical Embassy Suites,but with a Spanish flair.Outside,there are 3 pools that run together and you can walk out to a small beach.It's gorgeous...
We slept quite well that evening.

The others laid out and relaxed all day while dad and I drove to Aibonito,where we had lived.On the way,there were places along the road called lachonera,where you could buy lachon,which is roast pig.So we got that,served with spanish rice and beans.SOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!It took awhile to get to Aibonito,but we finally found it.The only problem was it is up in the mountains...we were up 3,000 ft.and I had trouble getting enough oxygen.I started yawning and yawning!!And I got a really bad headache and knew we couldn't stay long.We saw the hospital,church and the general area where our house had been,but there are other buildings there now. We stopped by the plaza that has been beautifully redone. Flowering trees and scenery are very tropical and so pretty and green.Dad was impressed with his recall of his skill in communicating so well in spanish.We were NOT impressed with the Puerto Rican drivers!!They just cut in front of you all over the place,cars and motorcycles.Crazy!But we're still alive...My headache didn't go away until we were back down the mountain.But I'm glad I got a chance to go back.

Last evening we just sat outside by the pool and talked and enjoyed the warm weather.It is so weird...we left with snowy 16 degree weather and in a few hours were at 80 degrees.It was sunny and beautiful all day yesterday,not too hot,just right.This morning we have had a couple of quick showers,where it rains for maybe a minute,then the sun is right back out.I sat on my little deck this morning while doing my treatments.We are on the 7th floor of the motel and it's a beautiful view!I can see the ocean.Everything is decorated for Christmas here too,which seems very strange.It's hard to feel like Christmas here!!

We spent a lot of the day lounging by the pool and relaxing until we left for the girl's game around 3:30.It took quite a while to get to the game,mostly because there was so much traffic...and like I said before...crazy driving down here!The girls played against a very good Puerto Rican team.AND,we won by 5
points in a very fun game.It was also fun watching the Puerto Rican cheerleaders cheering in spanish,using bongo drums and getting their crowd was a fun atmosphere!We stopped to eat after the game,it was kind of a late night.So far,lots of fun,good food and lots of laughing!!More soon,and pictures.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

My favorite time of the year!I've been busy and having fun getting out the Christmas stuff,decorating,making some wreaths,doing a little baking,shopping,etc.I'm almost done with everything.I'm a bit more organized than usual because I'm leaving on Saturday for Puerto Rico!My niece Lindsay is in her last year of college and her basketball team is going there to play over their Christmas break.So why not go watch??My dad,sister and friend Karen are going and we will be gone till the 19th.Hubby will stay home and hold down the fort.I lived in P.Rico for a couple of years when I was little and I have some memories of it.I've always wanted to go back and we're are going to try to see if we can find the house we lived in,or if it still exists.And we're going to explore Old San Juan.We're looking forward to the 80 degree weather too!So stay tuned for some Puerto Rico pictures before long.I know I have been doing too much because my chest has been a bit achy and my joints are hurting again too.I am ready to relax and bask in some sunshine!!