Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another winter blast!

Are you getting tired of my snow pictures???Today we were supposed to get a winter storm.When I got up this morning,it hadn't snowed much,but we had gotten a little plus some freezing rain.So things were pretty iced up.School was called off.I was a little disappointed though,if we're gonna get a storm,I don't want ice,I want snow!Well,at about 9:30 or so,the snow started.The snowflakes were the biggest I had ever seen...ever!It was beautiful!I tried to get pictures of how big they were,but it didn't show up well.If you click on the pictures,you can see it better.I was glad I could stay in and enjoy.It seemed like a good baking day,so I made a batch of peanut butter cookies.And ate too many...The snow stopped at about 4:00.My guess is that we got about 6 inches...

Yesterday I had an ENT appointment.I love this doctor!She is the first ENT that has a real clue about what's going on with me.And she works with some CF patients.My left ear with the hole in it(from a tube) has finally healed nicely,but I have fluid again behind my eardrums(nothing new).I go back in 6 weeks and may have to have another tube put in then.She keeps saying she can't believe I went so long without being properly diagnosed and thinks I am a walking miracle...interesting.I had to fight and beg with my insurance company to get to see this doctor for a few visits because she's not in my HMO.(I had her for the first time last July when I was in the hospital.)I'm allowed three visits until June.The doctor talked with her office manager yesterday to try to change it to cover my HMO.So I am hoping...Tomorrow I have an appointment about my carpal tunnel which has been giving me trouble and on Friday it's back to Akron for CF clinic.So I was glad for this storm's timing between my appointments :)

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Aspiemom said...

It dropped my comment so I'll try again-

I'm not tired of your snow pictures! It looks beautiful!

I hope your appt tomorrow goes well. Let me know about it!