Friday, January 23, 2009


I'm all finished with my latest TOBI regimen.Yay and hallelujah:) TOBI is a solution (a very EXPENSIVE solution)that I nebulize twice a day for 28 days,then I'm off of it for 28 days,then back on for 28.TOBI is specifically made to treat bacteria called pseudomonas aeruginosa.This bacteria can cause chronic infections to the lungs and is a main cause of declining lung function in CF.The first two times I did TOBI,I completely lost my voice for 10's really hard on my's not fun!But this last time,I only got hoarse and raspy for a few days,but didn't lose my voice completely.Now I only have 3 meds to nebulize morning and evening,which shortens my treatment time :) So I'll be enjoying my next 28 days of "TOBI freedom"and hope it has killed off some of those PA bugs!!


4becks said...

Amen for that! Glad you get a reprieve for 28 days.


Hummel Family said...