Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Flying home...

Karen and I just before we took the shuttle to the airport on Monday.(Brenda was taking the picture).When we arrived at the airport,we had the same boarding gate as the day before.There was our girl Lisa again.I said we should see if we could get bumped again,but we figured a Monday wouldn't be as busy as a Sunday.But sure enough,Lisa announced that the flight was full and you could volunteer to be bumped.Karen kind of wanted to get home,she had an appointment on Tuesday,Brenda quick called her hubby to see what he thought.Then we went up to the desk.Lisa just laughed when she saw us.We ended up saying we'd do it if we could still get home that day.But in the end,they didn't need us,so we boarded.

Typical above the clouds picture.But pretty.

I love how the mountains look from the air!

OK,I just had to take a picture of the food...since I've never flown first class before,I was kind of amazed.First of all,you get nice roomy comfortable seating...lots of leg room and two windows to look out of.First I was served my coke in a GLASS glass,not plastic.Next came a heated cup of warm cashews,almonds,pistachios.Who knew?I enjoyed each and every one!

Next came a hot vegetable pizza,salad,cheese and crackers and a warm chocolate chip cookie.And refill after refill of coke.And on a tray covered with a cloth and a cloth napkin.And those poor people back in coach(where I normally sit)got their drink in a plastic cup and they could buy a cookie for $3.00.So I enjoyed this first class treatment from Tucson to Dallas,because from Dallas to Pittsburgh we were back to normal!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

An extra last day!

When we got to the airport on Sunday morning and were checking in our luggage,they asked us if we'd like to stay another day.The plane was overbooked and she said to go to our gate and volunteer if we want to.So we talked about it on the way to our boarding gate and we thought hmmm...80 degrees or cold snowy.... didn't take much hesitation for any of us.So we told Lisa the airline person at our gate(who by the way had a great sense of humor),that we volunteer to stay in this 80 degree weather,hard as it may be.We had to wait until most everyone was boarded and it turned out that we were indeed bumped.They got our luggage off,sent us to a Holiday Inn with room and food vouchers and a $300 airline voucher.AND Lisa said we'd hate her for it,but the only seats we could get for the next day were in FIRST CLASS!So we got our vouchers and a shuttle to the hotel,where we checked in and headed out to the pool by 11.We each even had our own room, right next to each other!So we spent the day lounging and reading...a very restful extra last day!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our last day in AZ

We had a good time with Barb here!We spent some time by the pool and hot tub,after which we cleaned up and drove to mission Xavier del Bac in the Santa Cruz Valley.This is a beautiful large church that was built from 1783-1797.It's just this beautiful large domed building just out in the middle of the desert.First of all,there were native Americans outside cooking Indian fry bread,so of course we had to try that.The dessert one with honey and cinnamon was very good!Then we toured the church.The architecture was pretty amazing,domed painted ceilings,candles...there was a mass that was beginning about the time we left,but we didn't stay for that.We watched a video of the history of the mission.There is also a school there too.The whole thing is on a reservation.Close to the mission was an arts and crafts area where we met the most interesting man.He crafted jewelry and told us how he had become an actor,acting in Little House on the Prairie,Three Amigos,a daytime soap,How the West was Won and many others as well as commercials.He pulled out a scrapbook that showed him with many familiar actors.He is a native American and has played Indian and Mexican roles.He even sang in some movies.And he sang a Navajo song for us.It was just interesting...There was a hill that you could walk up and could climb up rocks to the top (we didn't),but there was a flat area all around the hill where you could walk around and have a pretty view.And we saw a bride and groom all dressed up go up the hill and their photographer was along taking pictures,a beautiful place to do that.
The evening was spent eating out,then just hanging out at the hotel talking.It was good to "catch up"with Barb.We laughed and cried.And we also ate the yummy gelato that she brought along.Sooo good!!And then we packed...all good things have to come to an end.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sun and fun!

We have been enjoying the sun immensely the last two days.The weather has been around 75 degrees and we have been spending a lot of time sitting out by the pool.There has been nobody else out there,it's like our own private oasis and we are loving it!I slathered on lotion,but I did get a little burned on my legs,so today I had to cover up.Yesterday afternoon we went over to the mall to leisurely try on clothes for fun.We did buy a couple of things.Later we ate at a really fun place called Guadalajara Grill,where they make the salsa at your table and you can choose what you want in it.Then as you are eating,the mariachi band comes around to your table to sing.One of the songs was LaBamba.Of course Ihave been taking pictures,but I forgot to bring the cord along to download them,so it will have to wait until I get home.This afternoon,we went to find the place where Brenda's son and wife lived for 5 years.We found it,but the fruit trees they had planted were gone and the landscaping they had done was also gone.Brenda was so very sad.Then we went to some little shops which we were not too impressed with,so we didn't stay long.

Our cousin Barb drove 3 hours to see us and she got here at about 8:30pm .She is staying for the night and until Sunday morning.She reads my blog and she brought us a nice surprise...some gelato!!It's from a place in her town called A Lotta Gelato.It was packed in a special container and stayed frozen.We just sat around and talked and laughed for a couple of hours.She is going to get up and walk with Brenda and Karen in the morning.Tomorrow is our last day,it's going so fast...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yesterday and today

Yesterday it was kind of chilly out and so we did inside stuff.We found a cheap movie theater close to our hotel and we saw Australia early in the afternoon.It only costs $1 on Tuesdays.We were across from a mall,so we looked around there for a couple of hours.We went to a place called HiFalutin to eat.It was OK,but not as good as BJ's.Karen and I got hooked on gelato last winter when we were in Scottsdale and we found a gelato place here called Frost.Then we decided why not go see another movie since it's only $1,so we went to see Marley and me.I cried...

Today was cool also,but we did lay out by the pool and it felt nice and warm.At 12:30 we left for Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.It is a 2 mi.walking path over 21 acres of desert.It's mostly outside and kind of like a zoo,museum and botanical garden in one place.I learned what a javelina is and how to stare down a mountain lion.It was very interesting,but a LOT of legs are SO sore!We left at 5:00 and were tired and hungry.We found a gourmet pizza place called Magpies.We each got our own small pizza!I got part tomato sauce and half pesto...fresh garlic and basil...and the crust had herbs in it.We all loved it.We drove all over the place to find another gelato place and when we finally found it,they were closed and there was an eviction notice on the door! So we gave up and came back to the hotel to veg out.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane...

...destination...Tucson,AZ.I had to get up at 2:45am Sunday morning.Karen picked me up at 3:20 and then we headed to pick up Brenda.It was snowing lightly as we were leaving and there was snow on the roads,but not as much as when we went to Puerto Rico.We drove to Pittsburgh airport,the plane left at 7:30.We had a bit of drama at the airport.We were waiting at our boarding area when I discovered that my cell phone was not in my purse.I knew I had it in there because I had called Brenda on the way to pick her up.And it was gone.We thought maybe I had left it in the car.Brenda and Karen decided to go to the car and see.I wasn't sure there was time.They had to sprint through the airport,get on a tram,go through security again.They had 45 min.To make a long story short,they went,it was not in the car and they made it back JUST in time to board...out of breath.We had a 2 hour layover at Dallas and while we were there we called my phone and a security guy answered.It had evidently fallen out during security check.So I can get it at the airport on the way home.So that was a relief for me.We arrived at Tucson at 4:00 their time.We got our car rental and headed to the motel.We were very disappointed in our hotel suite...very dark,dingy...the carpet and couch looked stained.Yuck...I was thinking about germs.We went to get something to eat and saw a Holiday Inn Express.We went in and asked the price...$60 CHEAPER than what we were paying and it was beautiful!!So we went back to ours,talked to them and got a complete refund and we switched!Oh,we were so happy!So we unpacked and showered and were in bed by 9:30,exhausted from not much sleep and the travelling day.

We had a really good complimentary breakfast buffet here at the motel.Afterwards,they went out by the pool.I did my treatment time,then went out.We were the only ones out there,it was so nice!The pool is heated,felt very good and there is a hot tub.We came inside at 1:00 and got ready to go to Sabino Canyon,a 25 minute drive from here.We got on a tram which took us to the top,a little over 4 miles.It was a beautiful drive over several stone bridges,with the guide pointing out different trees,cacti,etc.When we got to the top,we got off the tram and started hiking back.Yeah,imagine me...hiking.I could only do it because it was downhill!!They have 8 different stops and if you're at one of the stops,a tram can pick you up.We had to take our shoes off to walk over one part because the river is always flowing right across the road.It was just freezing cold water!!But after our feet airdried,they felt kind of refreshed after we put our shoes back on.I made it through 3 stops,then I got on the tram.Brenda and Karen walked the whole way back.We were all tired.

We ate at a place called BJ's that our motel had recommended.It was wonderful!They also gave us each a coupon for a giant warm cookie with ice cream for dessert.Delish!We were stuffed...We did a quick WalMart run,then back to enjoy lounging at the motel.Actually,we pretty much just all fell into our beds pretty quickly!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Speaking of Valentine's day...

I made these cupcakes for my niece's bridal shower.They turned out pretty cute and tasted good too.They are filled so they were a little more work...but I would do it again.I wish I had cut one in half to show the filling,but I didn't think of it.Just in case you want to quick whip some up for Valentine's day,here's the recipe.I used a Betty Crocker german chocolate cake mix and baked them according to the directions.After they cooled,I cut a 45 degree angle wedge cone shape from the top.Then I cut off part of the cone.After putting the filling in,I replaced the top,then piped on the frosting.

Cream filling:
3 T flour
1/2 C milk
Whisk these together and cook over med.heat until thickened.Cover with plastic wrap and cool.
1/2 C butter
1/2 C sugar
Cream these together,then add 1 t.vanilla.
Add cooled milk/flour mixture to sugar mixture and beat for 7 min.Fill cupcakes.

Chocolate buttercream
1/2 C softened butter
1/2 C unsweetened cocoa powder
2 and 1/2 C powdered sugar
1/4 C milk
Beat together for 5 min.

I used a large circle decorating tip to swirl it onto the cupcake.Mmmm,LOVE buttercream!I had leftover buttercream,some of which I ate with the little parts of the leftover cake I cut out of the middle.Then I ate the rest of the buttercream...just plain.Yeah,it's good...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My sick week

My sick week is about over(thank goodness!)and I am starting to feel lots better!I did call my doctor on Monday and she put me on oral cipro twice a day for 2 weeks.I have been pretty much doing nothing,just resting,reading,watching TV or on my laptop.I have been doing some extra treatment time as well.Yesterday it was really warm out and sunny,so I sat outside for awhile...felt good.All our snow has melted.Saturday is my niece's wedding.Yes,she is getting married on Valentine's day.I'm helping a little with the music part of the wedding.And then early Sunday morning I'm leaving for AZ to hopefully take in some warm,dry weather.Can't even wait...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Uh oh

I'm sick...I was fine yesterday morning and had brunch with our Sunday school class ladies.Yesterday afternnoon,I had a sinus headache,which I assumed was from the weather change,it had warmed up to the 40's and the snow is melting.I always have a hard time healthwise with weather changes.By evening I was feeling achy all over.When I woke up this morning,I knew I had a fever.I checked and it was 101.I was chilling and my chest was aching.Ibuprofen did bring my temperature down,but I have been in bed all day.I took a long nap this afternoon.I'm hoping I feel better tomorrow,if not,I'll call my doctor.My chest feels very tight and achy.It was just a yucky boring day,although it was nice to see the sun shining.I watched a movie on my laptop and watched the last quarter of the Cavs game.Here's hoping my fever stays down.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Silly Sam!

Yesterday I was babysitting my sister's little 3 pound dog, Sammy.In the evening I was going to put away the clean dishes from my dishwasher and I turned around and saw this...(the dishwasher was still warm)...too cute!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Friday's clinic appt.

Well,it was kinda bad but kinda good...let me explain.I have been feeling like I've been slipping just a bit healthwise,coughing more and chest getting a little more achy.And I had lost a couple of pounds.So the dr.listened to my chest and said it is sounding pretty crackly again on both sides.I hadn't had my pft's done yet and she said if they are down too,then I will need IV's.But I'm going to AZ for a week in 2 weeks and I usually have to do 3 weeks of IV's.So when I went to do pft's,I said a little prayer for help and I DID GOOD!My FEV1 was 54% and 1.28 liters!For me,that's good!And yes,I turned purple doing it...So it was actually up a bit from last time!So I escaped the IV's for now:)If I start feeling worse I will call them and she'll put me on oral cipro until I'm back from AZ.And surely a week of warm dry air relaxing with 2 good friends will be just the thing.So as of now,I am good to go and I have my next appt. in a month.Woo hoo,I'm happy :)