Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Flying home...

Karen and I just before we took the shuttle to the airport on Monday.(Brenda was taking the picture).When we arrived at the airport,we had the same boarding gate as the day before.There was our girl Lisa again.I said we should see if we could get bumped again,but we figured a Monday wouldn't be as busy as a Sunday.But sure enough,Lisa announced that the flight was full and you could volunteer to be bumped.Karen kind of wanted to get home,she had an appointment on Tuesday,Brenda quick called her hubby to see what he thought.Then we went up to the desk.Lisa just laughed when she saw us.We ended up saying we'd do it if we could still get home that day.But in the end,they didn't need us,so we boarded.

Typical above the clouds picture.But pretty.

I love how the mountains look from the air!

OK,I just had to take a picture of the food...since I've never flown first class before,I was kind of amazed.First of all,you get nice roomy comfortable seating...lots of leg room and two windows to look out of.First I was served my coke in a GLASS glass,not plastic.Next came a heated cup of warm cashews,almonds,pistachios.Who knew?I enjoyed each and every one!

Next came a hot vegetable pizza,salad,cheese and crackers and a warm chocolate chip cookie.And refill after refill of coke.And on a tray covered with a cloth and a cloth napkin.And those poor people back in coach(where I normally sit)got their drink in a plastic cup and they could buy a cookie for $3.00.So I enjoyed this first class treatment from Tucson to Dallas,because from Dallas to Pittsburgh we were back to normal!


Aspiemom said...

I've never flown first class, so this was quite an eye opener. Thanks for the pics!

Hummel Family said...

HOW AWESOME! I am so glad you had this opportunity!