Monday, February 16, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane...

...destination...Tucson,AZ.I had to get up at 2:45am Sunday morning.Karen picked me up at 3:20 and then we headed to pick up Brenda.It was snowing lightly as we were leaving and there was snow on the roads,but not as much as when we went to Puerto Rico.We drove to Pittsburgh airport,the plane left at 7:30.We had a bit of drama at the airport.We were waiting at our boarding area when I discovered that my cell phone was not in my purse.I knew I had it in there because I had called Brenda on the way to pick her up.And it was gone.We thought maybe I had left it in the car.Brenda and Karen decided to go to the car and see.I wasn't sure there was time.They had to sprint through the airport,get on a tram,go through security again.They had 45 min.To make a long story short,they went,it was not in the car and they made it back JUST in time to board...out of breath.We had a 2 hour layover at Dallas and while we were there we called my phone and a security guy answered.It had evidently fallen out during security check.So I can get it at the airport on the way home.So that was a relief for me.We arrived at Tucson at 4:00 their time.We got our car rental and headed to the motel.We were very disappointed in our hotel suite...very dark,dingy...the carpet and couch looked stained.Yuck...I was thinking about germs.We went to get something to eat and saw a Holiday Inn Express.We went in and asked the price...$60 CHEAPER than what we were paying and it was beautiful!!So we went back to ours,talked to them and got a complete refund and we switched!Oh,we were so happy!So we unpacked and showered and were in bed by 9:30,exhausted from not much sleep and the travelling day.

We had a really good complimentary breakfast buffet here at the motel.Afterwards,they went out by the pool.I did my treatment time,then went out.We were the only ones out there,it was so nice!The pool is heated,felt very good and there is a hot tub.We came inside at 1:00 and got ready to go to Sabino Canyon,a 25 minute drive from here.We got on a tram which took us to the top,a little over 4 miles.It was a beautiful drive over several stone bridges,with the guide pointing out different trees,cacti,etc.When we got to the top,we got off the tram and started hiking back.Yeah,imagine me...hiking.I could only do it because it was downhill!!They have 8 different stops and if you're at one of the stops,a tram can pick you up.We had to take our shoes off to walk over one part because the river is always flowing right across the road.It was just freezing cold water!!But after our feet airdried,they felt kind of refreshed after we put our shoes back on.I made it through 3 stops,then I got on the tram.Brenda and Karen walked the whole way back.We were all tired.

We ate at a place called BJ's that our motel had recommended.It was wonderful!They also gave us each a coupon for a giant warm cookie with ice cream for dessert.Delish!We were stuffed...We did a quick WalMart run,then back to enjoy lounging at the motel.Actually,we pretty much just all fell into our beds pretty quickly!


Aspiemom said...

I don't blame you for switching motels!! I'm glad they gave you a full refund. Wow, and the nice and clean place was cheaper!

Motel rooms just make me think of germs each and every time!

Katey said...

Hi Marcia! Thanks for finding my blog and for the nice comments! I appreciate it! That's neat that you have a daughter my age...and even more amazing that you were just diagnosed last year! I look forward to keeping in touch...and if you ever have any questions about CF or anything related to it...feel free to ask! I'm going to add you to my blogroll as well so I can keep up with your updates!

Oh...and I have some cousin that live in Tucson, AZ. I would love to go there someday!