Friday, February 20, 2009

Sun and fun!

We have been enjoying the sun immensely the last two days.The weather has been around 75 degrees and we have been spending a lot of time sitting out by the pool.There has been nobody else out there,it's like our own private oasis and we are loving it!I slathered on lotion,but I did get a little burned on my legs,so today I had to cover up.Yesterday afternoon we went over to the mall to leisurely try on clothes for fun.We did buy a couple of things.Later we ate at a really fun place called Guadalajara Grill,where they make the salsa at your table and you can choose what you want in it.Then as you are eating,the mariachi band comes around to your table to sing.One of the songs was LaBamba.Of course Ihave been taking pictures,but I forgot to bring the cord along to download them,so it will have to wait until I get home.This afternoon,we went to find the place where Brenda's son and wife lived for 5 years.We found it,but the fruit trees they had planted were gone and the landscaping they had done was also gone.Brenda was so very sad.Then we went to some little shops which we were not too impressed with,so we didn't stay long.

Our cousin Barb drove 3 hours to see us and she got here at about 8:30pm .She is staying for the night and until Sunday morning.She reads my blog and she brought us a nice surprise...some gelato!!It's from a place in her town called A Lotta Gelato.It was packed in a special container and stayed frozen.We just sat around and talked and laughed for a couple of hours.She is going to get up and walk with Brenda and Karen in the morning.Tomorrow is our last day,it's going so fast...

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