Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yesterday and today

Yesterday it was kind of chilly out and so we did inside stuff.We found a cheap movie theater close to our hotel and we saw Australia early in the afternoon.It only costs $1 on Tuesdays.We were across from a mall,so we looked around there for a couple of hours.We went to a place called HiFalutin to eat.It was OK,but not as good as BJ's.Karen and I got hooked on gelato last winter when we were in Scottsdale and we found a gelato place here called Frost.Then we decided why not go see another movie since it's only $1,so we went to see Marley and me.I cried...

Today was cool also,but we did lay out by the pool and it felt nice and warm.At 12:30 we left for Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.It is a 2 mi.walking path over 21 acres of desert.It's mostly outside and kind of like a zoo,museum and botanical garden in one place.I learned what a javelina is and how to stare down a mountain lion.It was very interesting,but a LOT of legs are SO sore!We left at 5:00 and were tired and hungry.We found a gourmet pizza place called Magpies.We each got our own small pizza!I got part tomato sauce and half pesto...fresh garlic and basil...and the crust had herbs in it.We all loved it.We drove all over the place to find another gelato place and when we finally found it,they were closed and there was an eviction notice on the door! So we gave up and came back to the hotel to veg out.

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4becks said...

Sounds like you are having fun! We love to stay at Holiday Inn Express. We love their warm cookies in the evenings! :)