Friday, March 6, 2009

Love these!

I LOVE the girl scout samoas!I bought two boxes the other day outside of Sam's Club and instantly ate half the box.That's why I only bought two boxes instead of five.Now though,I'm regretting it because I only have half a box left!I found a recipe for homemade samoas online.I looked at it and it looked like a lot of work.Then I found one for samoa bars here which seemed easier,except you do have to dip each bar individually in chocolate.But I am so going to try a batch just to see how comparable they taste.This site also has recipes for other homemade girl scout cookies.Do you like samoas??What girl scout cookies are your favorite??And don't these look just soooo good!

Homemade Samoa Bars


Anonymous said...

Those are definitely my favorite too!! Is this girl scout "season"? I hope someone hits me up at church. Of course that wouldn't bode too well with trying to lose a few "Andrew pounds". Oh well.
Pizza night soon? I talked to JoEllen and she's in. I need a mental health break! Hahahaha.


Anonymous said...

At least locally, the selling period for GS cookies is over. Ended Feb 28 so guess the options is baking these. They really look good! I haven't bought any for so long. Do Samoa's have coconut? Then they would be my choice.

65 Roses for Marcia said...

Yes Laura,I'm in for a pizza night.Maybe I could bring these bars?I saw cute Allie tonight at the game.

B,yes,samoas have toasted coconut.

Anonymous said...

those homeade somoas
look grreat!but anything you bake or cook is always the BEST. you are the greatest in the kitchen.

Phoenix's Mom said...

Ok! I LOVE this sight!