Monday, March 23, 2009

State final game

Katelyn shooting a foul shot during the game.

Welcome back...riding on the fire engine through town to the high school.

A few of the upper classmen said a few words.Katelyn talking...

Me,Kate and Mary Beth.

We got the state runner up trophy on Sat.morning.The girls played splendidly during the first half and were ahead by 15 at halftime.But things turned around,the other team caught up and our team sort of fell apart and we lost.It was sad for the girls.But they came back today and they rode into town on fire trucks and we had a small welcome home thing at the gym for them.Last summer during scrimmages,they were 0-9...and a young team(1 senior).So they accomplished quite a bit this season,only losing one game and playing their last game in the state final!You go,girls!!!


Last night,I made 2 giant chocolate chip cookies in these new little deep dish pizza pans I bought this weekend.We had these cookies (called Pizzookies) at BJ's in Arizona and Columbus this weekend and I've been looking for some little pans,which I finally found in Williams Sonoma.So Warren and I each had one,hot and gooey,right out of the oven,with ice cream on top.Oh,so good...after which we cozied up on the couch and watched the movie "Fireproof".It was a very good Christian movie that every married couple should watch.The couple is on the brink of divorce and it shows how they got back together.Makes you think.Everyone should do the 40 days of kindness...It just makes sense.


I'm working on making a quilt wall hanging.I'm piecing it right now and that part is going pretty fast and it's pretty easy.I'm just going to be in trouble though when it's time to quilt,because I don't really know how!!!I wish I had a machine that could quilt!I'll post a picture of it when I'm done with the piecing part,which should be this week.


I had an ENT appointment last week.As usual,I had fluid in my left ear and she made a tiny slit in the eardrum and suctioned it.It sounds like the war of the worlds during suctioning,it's so loud!!My ear feels so open now,love it!If it could just last...


Ju said...

Way to go (basketball) girls!!! That's awesome. Basketball is my favorite sport and I'm sure you had a lot of fun watching them. It's especially fun when you have a niece playing!

Boy, you and your sister really look a lot alike! I don't recall if I ever met your sister, but you certainly do have a lot of resemblances! How fun to have a sister!!

Your "cookies" sound heavenly and I can't wait to see a picture of your quilt.

Judy said...

Sorry, hit a wrong button before I was ready; therefore, the message is from "Ju". (You remember me, don't you? Ha! Ha!)