Thursday, April 23, 2009

A wedding in the family!

I went to a wedding last weekend and then I remembered that I was going to post pictures of my niece's wedding...only I had forgotten to do so.So here they are.The wedding was held at our church on Feb.14...yup,it was on Valentines day.Here is the church right before the wedding.

This was a picture of Joe and Jill that you could sign with a special etching pen.Cute idea!

My daughter was multi-tasking that day...she was a bridesmaid and also played the piano prelude and helped sing a couple of the songs.

Joe taking vows first with Aila,Jill's daughter.He is giving her a necklace here.

Aila peeking to see what's going on during the candle lighting ceremony!How cute is this?

And here she's getting a little tired of standing...or bored!

Tiffany and I made this valentine box for wedding cards.

The table decorations at the reception.

The beautiful bride.

Tiffany at the reception.

Aila and a friend on the dance floor.

Their first married dance.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Some Easter pictures

Miss Aila showing off her Easter dress!This girl loves to pose!

Mary Beth and Katelyn getting the ham ready.Honey baked ham...yummy!

Grandpa lounging with Mickey.

Terra(my nephew's girfriend)with Tiffany.

Warren and Meg.

The dessert table!

Me with my boys!

Watching everyone eat from the pack n play.

Having a chick cake pop!

Hunting for eggs!

Jill helping Perrin find his basket.

Kayden finding his wheelbarrow "basket"in the barn.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Blah is how I've been feeling for about the last few days.My chest is achy and I feel congested,my ear is aching,I'm coughing a lot and just feeling tired and blah.At least I don't have a fever.I don't thrive in the rainy,chilly weather we've been having.I did call the clinic yesterday and they put me on oral cipro for two weeks.Hope it perks me up soon.BLAH!And that's the end of my complainy post!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Easter fun!

Yesterday was a baking and decorating day at my house!First I baked these strawberry cupcakes for our Easter dessert tomorrow.Baked,then filled and frosted.Had to eat one...yum.These pictures are for you, Somer...

The next project was to attempt Bakerella's cakepops.She makes very cool stuff!I was just amazed by these and HAD to try them.So when Stephanie was here on Tuesday to dye Easter eggs,I baked a cherry cake from a mix.After it's cooled,you crumble up the cake in a bowl with your hands.It's fun!You then add a can of frosting.I used vanilla and didn't add quite all of it.You smoosh that all together.Steph helped me shape them into balls and egg shapes.Later that day I put the lollipop sticks in and put them in the freezer.

Yesterday morning I unthawed them and dipped them in chocolate.I used white,pink and yellow chocolate.Lindsay and Katelyn(my nieces)came over and helped decorate.To decorate them,we had small paint brushes and dipped them in Karo to stick the sprinkle stuff onto the eggs.We used melted chocolate to touch on the eyes and mouths...also to stick on the beaks,wings and tails.They turned out pretty cute,don't you think???When you eat them,it takes like a moist cake in chocolate.

We had a great time!

Look at these cute little bunny tails!

Lindsay's favorites were the chicks!

HAPPY EASTER everyone!!

Easter fun!

Stephanie brought the boys down here on Tuesday and we colored eggs.It was Kayden's first experience doing this.He had a great time putting the eggs in and out of the cups.

Perrin looked on in amusement.


The finished product!Kayden wanted to take the eggs for a ride in the Fisher Price bus he gives everything a ride in,but we gave him plastic ones for that!

Friday, April 10, 2009

In Christ Alone

This is a beautiful song that our choir is singing on Sunday.I have listened to it on the CD we have over and over and can't get the words and tune out of my head.Today is Good Friday,when we commemorate the day that Jesus sacrificed His life on the cross for our sins,so that we might have eternal life.Take time to listen to this beautiful and powerful song...


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This morning

What's up with this??It's supposed to be Spring I think.And Easter week.OK people,think Spring!

I will never again take spring and summer for granted!
I will never again take spring and summer for granted!
I will never again take spring and summer for granted!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My quilt

OK,here is the simple little wallhanging I've been working on so diligently!It ended up taking longer than I thought it would.But I just worked on it as I had time.It's made out of homespun plaid fabrics,most of which I had on hand.It was fun to piece together.Each square is a little different.It's sure not perfect,but it was fun!If you click on it,you can see it up close,but don't get too critical!!Now for the hard part!I don't know how to quilt very good at all,so I'm not sure what to do next.Maybe I'll have to round up some quilters and have a quilting party!??I wish I had an attachment to my machine that does machine quilting.I might go check that out,but I know they're expensive.When it's quilted(if that ever happens),I'll bind it with a dark black and gold plaid fabric,like third one in the top row.I also made a table runner with three blocks.