Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cindy update

I went to the hospital late morning and the screen/filter placement went fine with Cindy. She was fine after a nap. I went to a greenhouse for some perrenials and also got a few groceries while she was sleeping. When I got back I got to watch them change her wound vac dressing. About 4 inches of her lower chest incision has not healed (probably because she is diabetic) and there is a pretty good sized gaping wound. So there is packing in it and a wound vac attached to suck out fluids to help it heal. It was kind of gross, but interesting to watch. I even took pictures. But Cindy said I'm not allowed to post them :) They cleaned out the wound and then repacked and attached the vac. After it's turned on, it's like a vacuum pack seal and sucks everything in flat to her skin...very interesting. She has to have this done every MWF. It will probably take a few more weeks to heal. She will be in PCU for about two more days and then moved back to the rehab floor. Her vitals are more stable again. Rehab came and had her walk a few feet. She did pretty well and was in good spirits today. So hopefully things will start going better again...tomorrow I am not leaving my house...Friday I have my annual clinic appointment at Akron, so that will be a long day...

What next???

On Monday, Cindy was moved from the rehab section into ICU again at Wooster because her blood pressure was very low, her heart rate very high, sugar high. They needed to give her fluids and couldn't access a vein, so they tried a picc line...couldn't do it...finally got a central line in. She is also anemic now. They gave her fluids and two units of blood. Yesterday she was stable enough to move to a progressive care room. Last evening she looked much better, all "pinked up" from getting blood. She was finally taken off oxygen too. Yesterday they did an ultrasound and found that she has a blood clot in the leg they did surgery on. So today they are going to put a screen in. She was discouraged at this news, but was better by the time we left. Please keep praying for her that things will start to go well and she can get on the right track. . . it's time for the setbacks to stop!

Monday, May 25, 2009


Aila was over playing with Kayden one afternoon last week. He loves her!

Perrin hates sitting on the grass, he usually screams! But the phone was distracting for a minute!

Going for a wagon ride.

Having a snack out on the patio. How cute is this??

It's so much fun to see the delight of the little things in lfe through the eyes of a little child again!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Clinic visit

On Tuesday of this week, I had a clinic appt. because I hadn't been feeling well the past several days. Coughing more, VERY tired, a weird pain in my left upper lung...It hasn't helped either with all that has been going on in my life. BUT, Cindy is now at Wooster rehab, Jeremy's family is moved, Lindsay's wedding shower is over, now I NEED to rest and relax. My lungs sounded very wheezy and tight yesterday. I have been on 750 mg. of cipro twice a day for 4 weeks, but I guess that hasn't done a whole lot. I have also been culturing aspergillus in my lungs for quite awhile now, so they have decided to treat it with an oral anti-fungal. I was also put on a pretty good dose of prednisone for 10 days and if that doesn't do much, then I will have to do IV's. The drawback with prednisone is that I can never sleep well...and I need rest right now!! I also have to do the vest and airway clearance an extra time every day. The steroids have started to kick in and I'm feeling better and actually have energy, so I'm hoping I won't need IV's. We'll see. I'm totally enjoying this warm weather and being able to see my grandbabies a lot!

Please keep praying for Cindy. Her body has been through a lot and she is having a tough time bouncing back. She had to have a blood transfusion yesterday because her blood pressure was very low again. I was up to see her today. She has a very good attitude, but still has a long recovery yet. She has been in the hospital almost a month now. They are guessing possibly 3-4 weeks yet at rehab. So we are just taking things one day at a time...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Birthday boy

Brand new baby Perrin.

Last Sunday (May 10) little Perrin turned one year old. He didn't have a whole lot of interest in opening his gifts (Kayden and Aila did though!) and he just kept going back to opening and closing the cabinets by the TV.

We decided that we should've just bought him a cabinet! That is mostly what he wants to do when they are at our place or anywhere. The boy just heads directly to the nearest cupboard! Always, always!

But Kayden had a great time with Perrin's new lawn mower. At least it will get used by somebody!

Kayden and Hannah Montana (aka Aila) also had a great time with the balloons.

And then it was time for his birthday cupcake.

Hmmm, looks good enough to eat!

Need some milk to wash it down...

That was great!

Let the sugar high begin!

By the way, Cindy has been at Cleveland Clinic all this week. She could have moved back to Wooster Rehab on Thursday, but they didn't have a bed for her, and won't until Monday, so she has been stuck there until then. They are working with her on getting up in a chair and also today she walked with a walker. So she is slowly making progress. She is just very ready to go back to rehab and get on with it and get home!!! So are we!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

God's beauty...

I love love love being surrounded by flowering things...makes me happy!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Back to Cleveland...

Well, Cindy was not even at her new rehab place 24 hours. We were ready to go see her on Sunday, when a nurse called and said her blood pressure is low and keeps going lower. She was also bleeding. They ended up life flighting her back to Cleveland Clinic. Warren went up right away. She was put in the ICU and given 4 units of blood. They scoped her down her throat and also did a colonoscopy. I went this morning and she was still in ICU, but they said she'll possibly go to a room sometime today. They found an ulcer in her colon that was bleeding and they cauterized it. I HOPE this is the last thing that will go wrong and that she can soon go back to rehab! I can't believe all that has happened when all she was going to do is have a rod put in her leg and an overnight hospital stay. Now it's two weeks later...a rod, a quadruple bypass, a bleeding ulcer and a helicopter ride!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I was going through some pictures the other day at dad's and I found a bunch of pictures of me as a little girl that I had never seen before. This one is from the time we were living in Puerto Rico. Here is a picture of me with my dad and mom. Isn't she beautiful?? She was beautiful inside and out. She got cancer when I was 6 years old. They treated it with cobalt radiation (no chemo then) and it went into remission until the summer of 1990. She and dad were on a trip to Alaska when she started having pain in her left shoulder and arm. They came home early and it was discovered that the lymphoma was back with a vengeance. She died 5 months later on January 23. She was such a brave, strong person throughout that 5 months.Here's what my mom was like...she had a positive, outgoing personality with a dose of feistiness and loved to cook and entertain. She was well known for her awesome tea rings. She was happy and laughed a lot, sometimes getting the giggles. She had a beautiful voice and enjoyed singing. She loved the Lord, her family and she dearly loved her seven grandchildren! Her eighth one Katelyn, was born 5 months after she died. Our lives have never been the same since she has been gone. We often think of how she would have enjoyed watching her grandkids playing baseball and basketball and going to the musicals. She would love her three great grandchildren. Even though we know we will see her again someday, we miss her! Today on Mother's Day I feel blessed to have had her for my mom!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Moving !

Lots of moving is going on right now! First of all, Cindy will be moving by ambulance to Wooster Acute Rehab Center this morning. She is excited and yet apprehensive about the move. They will be doing intense physical therapy with her, but will give her time to rest in between each session. She will have three one hour sessions a day. It will be more difficult for her because of the bone disease she has. So please pray that she will be able to do this. We are happy about the move, since now we will only need to drive half an hour instead of almost two!

Randy might be moving back home either today or tomorrow. He had a rather rough experience in the hospital because they did not have a room for him until last night. He was in the recovery room for more than 24 hours (instead of 2) and then moved to pre-op, where they are not used to taking care of post-op patients. So things did not go as they should until last evening.

The last move...our son and family are moving back here!! I am one happy mama/grandma!! He is taking a position at a bank in town and he will be able to walk to work. They will move most of their big things next weekend, but are moving a lot of the rest today. So I will be keeping the little boys today. We are so excited to have them living nearby! :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Here we go again

I'm heading back to Cleve.Clinic again this brother-in-law is having a stomach bypass surgery this morning. Dad and I are heading up very soon to be with my sister. Yay for fast nebulizing!! His surgery is scheduled for 7:30 this morning. So probably another long day. I will be with Cindy too, at least they are at the same place! And so, it continues...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Exciting rainy day

It was a rainy, blah day today. BUT then something was delivered to my door. It was a new nebulizer. And I am excited!! (Kinda sad to be excited over a nebulizer!) A few weeks ago I had gotten a new one, but it was actually the wrong kind. This one is an Invacare Mobilaire. It is bigger, heavier and noisier than the portable ones I usually have had, BUT it cuts down the treatment time. And I'm all about that! It is my month to be on TOBI again, which usually adds about half an hour to my treatment time. Today, I did TOBI in 10 minutes. I was so amazed! So it made my day.So I'm ready to do my evening treatments and I might be done in time for American Idol!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Cindy was moved out of ICU last evening to stepdown. We were able to see improvements just over the several hours that we were there. She only said a word or two at a time when we first came (kept asking" what time?") but was saying sentences (with effort) by the time we left. She couldn't believe it was Monday. Her blood pressure was a bit low, but she knew her name and where she was. She just couldn't think who the president was. She looked pink, her face was no longer puffy, off the ventilator and by evening, off most all her tubes. It really is quite amazing what a body can go through and in a few days have such improvement! Warren went back to work today and I needed a day to just be at home. Our son stopped to see her after work and tonight she was going to watch American Idol and the Cavs game on the large flat screen TV in her room :) So things are going well and we're hoping it keeps going that way! It was just last Tuesday when she had the surgery to put the rod in her leg. Whew, what a week...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The end of the long day

We are finally home! She was taken to cardiac ICU at 7:00 this evening and we got to go back to see her at 8. Two of her friends came later in the afternoon and it helped to pass the time. Thanks Linda and Rita! The surgery went well, but she had very severe coronary disease. The dr. said she also had calcium deposits around her heart that had to be chipped away. Yes, they said chipped. He said this was probably caused by her having a virus at some point, called pericarditis, which is an inflammation on the lining of the heart. Who knows when THAT happened?? He also said that the four arteries were so blocked that the other smaller ones were about all that was getting blood circulated to the heart. Her heart will have to get used to having healthy arteries and good blood flow. This is such a miracle to me that this was discovered like this in the nation's top cardiac hospital. She would have probably had a major heart attack at any time! So we are thankful...She was still under sedation when we saw her and on a ventilator, but her vital signs were good. Her recovery might be a little rocky because of her other bone disease and her recent leg surgery...pray that things go as smoothly as possible! We will go back tomorrow, after we get some major sleep! And I am just finishing up my treatments.

By the way, what is it with all these young doctors and nurses??They look like they could be my CHILDREN!! And they seem to know what they're doing...!!Oh my. Now, off to bed...I am exhausted.

Long day

Yesterday was a long day, today is going to be another long one...I had a cf clinic appointment yesterday afternoon. I was going to cancel it if Cindy had her surgery,but we found out it was scheduled for Monday. So Warren and I headed to Akron. I had to get x-rays done as well as blood work,culture,etc. Then we had time for a walk outside and it was a nice day to walk. My appointment was long (they usually are!) It was for 3:30 and two hours later we were ready to leave! My pft's dropped about 12% since last time (1.15 L and 48%) and I wasn't happy about that. But I am just to continue the cipro for another two weeks and then check again. Thank would not be a good time to need IV's!

So then it was off to Cleveland Clinic to be with Cindy. We were there all evening. Now they are saying she has three completely blocked arteries. They put a balloon in when they did the heart cath, so that is helping...she is not having any more tightness or shortness of breath. And now she confesses that she has had this tightness and pain for a long time, but never told anybody!!! We couldn't believe it! She said she didn't think much about it, thought it was "anxiety or stress". She lives alone and she and Warren are the only ones left out of a family of seven. She lives only a few minutes away from us.

Anyways, during the evening, a dr. came in and said they are moving the surgery to Sat. morning instead of Monday. A nurse called as we were driving home and said it was set for 8:00am. We got home at around 11. We were both tired. Long day...

I got up at 4:15 this morning and we left at 5 (I did skip my treatments). We got here at 7 and have been waiting ever since! Finally we found out that they took two emergencies before her, so it could be awhile yet! So she is sleeping, Warren is sleeping and I am in a computer room. I brought my laptop along, a book and a pillow and blanket. I might try to rest after they take her to surgery. This room is cold...why are hospitals always cold??? I think there should be actual beds in the lounges or maybe those Brookstone massage chairs.


They finally took her to surgery at a little after 11:00. We found out that now it will be a quadruple bypass! And it will be approximately 5-6 hours, then recovery room. So we'll be here awhile! We're in a different waiting room and it's a little warmer. We just got back from getting something to eat. Now we'll just settle in a wait, talk, sleep, pray. This feels so strange to me to be on the waiting end...usually I'm the one in surgery! We know she is in good hands and we have peace.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Prayer request

OK blogworld, we need some prayers here. Please pray for my sister in law Cindy. She has a rare bone disease where her bones fracture and don't heal. She had surgery on Tuesday at Cleveland Clinic to put a rod in the bone of her leg. All went well with the surgery. We thought that she could come home yesterday, but early in the morning she had some trouble breathing. They did an EKG, which showed abnormalities. They moved her to the cardiac floor and did lots of testing. They did a heart cath last night and she has two completely blocked arteries, which means she will need open heart surgery. It has not been scheduled yet, but will possibly be today? This was quite unexpected, although we feel that it was really a God thing that this happened while she was in the hospital. So I know she is in very good hands with Him and she is in a good hospital, but we would appreciate your prayers for her right now. Thanks!