Saturday, May 16, 2009

Birthday boy

Brand new baby Perrin.

Last Sunday (May 10) little Perrin turned one year old. He didn't have a whole lot of interest in opening his gifts (Kayden and Aila did though!) and he just kept going back to opening and closing the cabinets by the TV.

We decided that we should've just bought him a cabinet! That is mostly what he wants to do when they are at our place or anywhere. The boy just heads directly to the nearest cupboard! Always, always!

But Kayden had a great time with Perrin's new lawn mower. At least it will get used by somebody!

Kayden and Hannah Montana (aka Aila) also had a great time with the balloons.

And then it was time for his birthday cupcake.

Hmmm, looks good enough to eat!

Need some milk to wash it down...

That was great!

Let the sugar high begin!

By the way, Cindy has been at Cleveland Clinic all this week. She could have moved back to Wooster Rehab on Thursday, but they didn't have a bed for her, and won't until Monday, so she has been stuck there until then. They are working with her on getting up in a chair and also today she walked with a walker. So she is slowly making progress. She is just very ready to go back to rehab and get on with it and get home!!! So are we!!!

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Hummel Family said...

I can't believe he is already a year old!!! WOW! I love the cake pictures. Classic. :)