Saturday, May 2, 2009

The end of the long day

We are finally home! She was taken to cardiac ICU at 7:00 this evening and we got to go back to see her at 8. Two of her friends came later in the afternoon and it helped to pass the time. Thanks Linda and Rita! The surgery went well, but she had very severe coronary disease. The dr. said she also had calcium deposits around her heart that had to be chipped away. Yes, they said chipped. He said this was probably caused by her having a virus at some point, called pericarditis, which is an inflammation on the lining of the heart. Who knows when THAT happened?? He also said that the four arteries were so blocked that the other smaller ones were about all that was getting blood circulated to the heart. Her heart will have to get used to having healthy arteries and good blood flow. This is such a miracle to me that this was discovered like this in the nation's top cardiac hospital. She would have probably had a major heart attack at any time! So we are thankful...She was still under sedation when we saw her and on a ventilator, but her vital signs were good. Her recovery might be a little rocky because of her other bone disease and her recent leg surgery...pray that things go as smoothly as possible! We will go back tomorrow, after we get some major sleep! And I am just finishing up my treatments.

By the way, what is it with all these young doctors and nurses??They look like they could be my CHILDREN!! And they seem to know what they're doing...!!Oh my. Now, off to bed...I am exhausted.


Carol Weaver said...

I am so glad the surgery was a success. I pray now for quick healing and also that you, my dear, (and Warren) get your needed rest!! When you see her today, please give her our best wishes. I bet she will feel better than she has in a LONG while, once she is out of the hospital:>)

Aspiemom said...

I'm glad that the surgery went well. My dad had pericarditis when I was young. He's had bypass surgery twice. It's so hard to see them after the surgery, isn't it?

I hope you are able to get some rest. I'm getting too run down and not feeling well today.