Saturday, May 2, 2009

Long day

Yesterday was a long day, today is going to be another long one...I had a cf clinic appointment yesterday afternoon. I was going to cancel it if Cindy had her surgery,but we found out it was scheduled for Monday. So Warren and I headed to Akron. I had to get x-rays done as well as blood work,culture,etc. Then we had time for a walk outside and it was a nice day to walk. My appointment was long (they usually are!) It was for 3:30 and two hours later we were ready to leave! My pft's dropped about 12% since last time (1.15 L and 48%) and I wasn't happy about that. But I am just to continue the cipro for another two weeks and then check again. Thank would not be a good time to need IV's!

So then it was off to Cleveland Clinic to be with Cindy. We were there all evening. Now they are saying she has three completely blocked arteries. They put a balloon in when they did the heart cath, so that is helping...she is not having any more tightness or shortness of breath. And now she confesses that she has had this tightness and pain for a long time, but never told anybody!!! We couldn't believe it! She said she didn't think much about it, thought it was "anxiety or stress". She lives alone and she and Warren are the only ones left out of a family of seven. She lives only a few minutes away from us.

Anyways, during the evening, a dr. came in and said they are moving the surgery to Sat. morning instead of Monday. A nurse called as we were driving home and said it was set for 8:00am. We got home at around 11. We were both tired. Long day...

I got up at 4:15 this morning and we left at 5 (I did skip my treatments). We got here at 7 and have been waiting ever since! Finally we found out that they took two emergencies before her, so it could be awhile yet! So she is sleeping, Warren is sleeping and I am in a computer room. I brought my laptop along, a book and a pillow and blanket. I might try to rest after they take her to surgery. This room is cold...why are hospitals always cold??? I think there should be actual beds in the lounges or maybe those Brookstone massage chairs.


They finally took her to surgery at a little after 11:00. We found out that now it will be a quadruple bypass! And it will be approximately 5-6 hours, then recovery room. So we'll be here awhile! We're in a different waiting room and it's a little warmer. We just got back from getting something to eat. Now we'll just settle in a wait, talk, sleep, pray. This feels so strange to me to be on the waiting end...usually I'm the one in surgery! We know she is in good hands and we have peace.


Carol Weaver said...

I am so glad you keep us up to date. I had in fact, forgotten about your blogspot, but it's bookmarked now. I told Bill about Cindy and we are praying for God's healing hand upon her. She is such a private person, but so sweet. Keep us informed.

Judy said...

Praying for your sister-in-law and hoping surgery is over and that recovery is going well. I hope that you and Warren were able to rest a bit while surgery was in progress. You need to take care of yourself too! Take care and keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

I keep checking for an update. Praying you are getting rest and all is going as expected.