Saturday, May 9, 2009

Moving !

Lots of moving is going on right now! First of all, Cindy will be moving by ambulance to Wooster Acute Rehab Center this morning. She is excited and yet apprehensive about the move. They will be doing intense physical therapy with her, but will give her time to rest in between each session. She will have three one hour sessions a day. It will be more difficult for her because of the bone disease she has. So please pray that she will be able to do this. We are happy about the move, since now we will only need to drive half an hour instead of almost two!

Randy might be moving back home either today or tomorrow. He had a rather rough experience in the hospital because they did not have a room for him until last night. He was in the recovery room for more than 24 hours (instead of 2) and then moved to pre-op, where they are not used to taking care of post-op patients. So things did not go as they should until last evening.

The last move...our son and family are moving back here!! I am one happy mama/grandma!! He is taking a position at a bank in town and he will be able to walk to work. They will move most of their big things next weekend, but are moving a lot of the rest today. So I will be keeping the little boys today. We are so excited to have them living nearby! :)


Judy said...

What a wonderful Mother's Day present for moving back home!! I'm glad your hospital "patients" are moving closer to home as well. Things are looking up! Enjoy your Mother's Day and I'm so happy your grandbabies will be near you now!

Carol Weaver said...

I am so happy for you!! It truly is a Happy Mother's Day for you. There is nothing more precious than family, so enjoy your grandbabies and make lots of memories. I also pray Randy will get along better at home with his loving family. I am sure Mary Beth is having a Happy Mother's Day too.

Laura said...

Praise God for all this good news! Cindy has a lot of work ahead of her for rehab, will keep her in prayer. Randy must be relieved not to have to spend that much more time at the hospital - especially since they didn't have room for him! Great news about the bank job! Now you can spend more time being 'grandma' and less time driving. Sounds like heaven :o))

Laura (CA)

Aspiemom said...

All good news, except for Randy's hospital experience!