Friday, May 1, 2009

Prayer request

OK blogworld, we need some prayers here. Please pray for my sister in law Cindy. She has a rare bone disease where her bones fracture and don't heal. She had surgery on Tuesday at Cleveland Clinic to put a rod in the bone of her leg. All went well with the surgery. We thought that she could come home yesterday, but early in the morning she had some trouble breathing. They did an EKG, which showed abnormalities. They moved her to the cardiac floor and did lots of testing. They did a heart cath last night and she has two completely blocked arteries, which means she will need open heart surgery. It has not been scheduled yet, but will possibly be today? This was quite unexpected, although we feel that it was really a God thing that this happened while she was in the hospital. So I know she is in very good hands with Him and she is in a good hospital, but we would appreciate your prayers for her right now. Thanks!


Laura said...

This really does show God in control. She is so blessed that she came through Tuesday's surgery without problems and that they discovered the heart issue before she was discharged. It will be hard recovering from two surgeries at the same time but God is in charge of that too! Will definitely keep Cindy in prayer. God bless you all.

Laura (Ca)

4becks said...

Scott has 3 appts. in Cleveland on Monday and I would gladly take people along that would like to visit. Call my cell if you would like a ride. It's in the church directory.

Katey said...

I will definitely be keeping your sister and the family in my prayers. And are was a God-send that they discovered this while she was in the hospital.

Mary / Mariah said...

I prayed for her and am now following you in hopes that others will also pray for has .

American History said...

All your prayers are with us. We submitted a prayer at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher from

God bless.