Monday, June 29, 2009


We had a sort of fun, sort of crazy weekend. We had been planning to go to Columbus for the weekend to celebrate our anniversary. But our plans were changed. Cindy had surgery on Friday afternoon to clean out her wound. We thought that it would be no big deal, cleaning out the small part that was still open, that's it. Wrong....There was infection in it and they ended up having to re-open the entire incision. There was infection even where the incision had healed all the way up. They had to remove some of the soft tissue part of the bone at some places. Where the breastbone was cut for the heart surgery, the bones had not healed together at all. Usually that begins in a few days post surgery. So they left the incision open, held together with a wound vac. They were going to change it and re-assess it on Sunday, so she was in the ICU all weekend. So we cancelled our room in Columbus and got an Embassy Suites in Cleveland, 7 miles from Cleve. Clinic. We went to see her three times, but also had a little time to relax. We went to Legacy Village awhile and we got chicken madeira at Cheesecake Factory. Sooo yummy! I have a copycat recipe I want to try sometime. We also shared a piece of raspberry lemon cheesecake. On Sunday afternoon, we ate at PF Changs. We saw Cindy and then got home Sunday evening.

Today I came back to the clinic. Cindy is in surgery again. They are taking part of her stomach muscle and using it to graft a "flap" to put over the breastbone that didn't heal. So I'm just waiting to hear, they took her down to surgery at 4:15. Her poor body has just been through so much in the last two months...

Friday, June 26, 2009

June 26

Yes, that's us on June 26, at our outdoor wedding at my parent's home. It's been 33 hard to believe. It sure did go fast! We had a beautiful wedding day after it had been raining for three straight days. So we could go ahead with the outside plans and the weather was perfect! It was such a fun day! Now that I look at my dress, I'm wondering why I chose long sleeves for a June wedding, even though they were sheer. But the day wasn't hot at all, just right. I had just had a bowel obstruction surgery six weeks before the wedding. I was sending out wedding invitations from the hospital. That could've been his first clue of what he was in for with me, but he still married me...and 33 years and many surgeries later, along with a CF diagnosis and I am still loved! We've had a lot of good times together and I'm looking forward to a lot more of those good times in the future! We enjoyed our kids, now we're having so much fun with our two grandbabies! Life is good...

Cindy update

My sister-in-law Cindy is back at Cleveland Clinic. Her friend Linda and I took her from Wooster back to the Clinic on Wednesday afternoon...she didn't want to ride in an ambulance. Her wound that wasn't healing now has an infection in it and she is having surgery today to clean it out. Then HOPEFULLY, it will heal! When she is released, we're hoping just a couple of days, (but who knows!) she will go back to Wooster on the rehab floor again. Please pray that everything goes well and that the wound will finally heal properly.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We had a great girls weekend at the lakehouse. This was the view we had from the deck on Saturday evening. It was so relaxing and I got a lot of rest. We watched 3 movies, ate out at a really good Mexican restaurant, napped, talked, sat on the deck, did much fun. I stayed in my pj's most of Saturday.

Relaxing with Tinkerbell and Lexi. We had 3 tiny dogs along...Tinkerbell is Deb's toy poodle and Mary Beth had her maltipoo Sammy and Michael and Lindsay's new maltese puppy Lexi (since they were on their honeymoon!)

Mary Beth and Deb went out and picked up pizza for Sat. night while we watched a movie.

Lounging on the deck.

Watching a movie...
I wasn't ready for the weekend to end, but as it is with all good things...
We decided to try to do this once every season. Sounds good to me!

*Update on Cindy...she is STILL in the hospital! It has been 8 weeks now. She had pneumonia the weekend that I was at the lakehouse. So she had IV antibiotics and is doing better now. She is on double amounts of lasix because she is retaining so much fluid...Her wound from the heart surgery is still not healed yet either, although it is SLOWLY healing. She is still on the wound vac machine. I'm heading up to see her tomorrow. Please keep praying for her body to heal!

I am doing Tobi again (every other month), which means my treatments take longer. I am doing four nebulized meds in the morning and five in the evening. I just am always glad when the Tobi month is done!! I also can tell that I'm going to need IV's again before long. I want to wait at least a month to see where Cindy is by then. I would hope she'll be out of the hospital by then...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Michael and Lindsay's wedding

My niece Lindsay got married on Sat. June 6. They took pictures before the wedding, which was nice...the music began at 3:00. Tiffany played piano and Beau and Nicole Hummel sang. The music was beautiful, the weather was beautiful, the bride was beautiful!

Kayden was in need of a nap at picture time. He would no way smile! The photographer tried to make him laugh by doing things with his Thomas the train, but all he'd do was reach for it! So she took a few pictures and then Jeremy whisked him home to sleep. He missed the whole wedding party picture, but needed the nap more :) The picture above is Michael, Jadon and Kayden.

Lindsay, the radiant bride!

The groomsmen were two of Michael's brothers, a cousin and his friend. The guy with the long hair that looks a little like pictures of Jesus is Lindsay's brother Shane.

The girls are Michael's sister, Lindsay's best friend from high school, two college friends and her sister Katelyn.

Flower girl Aila.

Katelyn, Lindsay and Mary Beth...I love this picture!

Aila was holding the little boys hands and they were doing fine, when suddenly Kayden decided to hurry everyone up and it ended up being a "line". You can't even see Jadon. It was funny. I guess it was better than him running in at rehearsal, which is what he did. I didn't even get a face view. But they were all cute.


Lindsay and her dad, Randy.


The reception was held at a pavilion at the training center.

This was the candy bar. There was a variety of candy and guests could scoop candy into an envelope or little box to take home. This was a real hit
Jen Christner, her two daughters and her sister-in-law did the decorating. They used pots of pansies, vases with hosta leaves and lots of old canning jars with tea lights in them. It was really pretty. The tables were all a little different. They even cut down two trees to put by the bridal table and one for the candy bar and hung little lanterns in them....creative.

Click on the picture to see more details, like the trees.

This was the entrance and the gift table. I loved the ladder idea.

The happy couple at their table.

The whole bridal party.

And finally, here we are, the tired host and hostess. We were the very last ones to eat. The food was really good...chicken, redskin potatoes, green beans, brocoli salad and rolls. The only real glitch is that the caterer didn't bring enough lemonade and we were having to haul water and ice from the kitchen in the training center. Clean up went pretty well, as Randy's family pitched in and we got it done pretty fast. Lindsay and Michael headed to Mexico for a week and we headed home to relax!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Busy week! I'm off to a lake house in Indiana with my sister for the weekend for some much needed rest and relaxation!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Strawberries and flowers

I bought a couple of quarts of homegrown strawberries this morning. This is my favorite time of the year...locally grown strawberries! I have a small strawberry patch too, but just replanted this year, so I'll have to wait until next year to reap the benefits. So I made a strawberry smoothie, then decided to make a pie and dipped a few in chocolate. Yum! A strawberry diet today!

These were soooo good!

I walked around my house today snapping a few pictures of my flowers. I mostly have perennials. Here are a few that I took...

My little fairy garden...

I bought a hanging strawberry basket. Told you I love strawberries. These are everbearing and I'm going to see if I can keep it bearing all summer. I thought Kayden would have fun with this too. He picked a ripe one on Saturday.

Pansy pot.

Pink yarrow.


Love my flowers! Love strawberries! Love June!

CF clinic visit

Friday was my annual CF visit in first "annual." I had a walking test at 11:30 am with physical therapy and my appointment was scheduled for 12:50. Well, I was not done until 5:30!! I met with the geneticist, the nutritionist, physical therapy, the social worker, had pft's done, breathing treatment, more pft's and finally the doctor came in. I also had a student "shadow" me the whole time. She was interesting to talk to and helped pass the time, although honestly, there was someone in my room to see me most of the day. Not much boring waiting time at all. My pft's are the same as they were 6 weeks ago. (FEV1 49% and 1.14 L) The doctor was hoping they would've bumped up a bit after the month of antibiotics and then prednisone (which I'm off of now). So he wants me to have IV's done again, but said I can schedule it sometime this summer and can do them all at home again...and it doesn't have to be immediate. They also talked to me about starting a pulmonary rehab program. And he wants me to start taking hypertonic saline. So I did a practice nebulize with that and tolerated it fine, so now I'll add that to my treatment time. I have just never had a medical team experience like this and I'm so impressed with everyone on my team. I work with two different doctors too. It's just so different from what I was used to. I've learned a lot in the last year about cystic fibrosis! I also learned a lot Friday that I didn't know before...more about airway clearance techniques, cleaning my nebulizers more effectively, settings on my vest, etc. It was overall a good day, just LONG!

Update on Cindy...she had to have fluid drained from her lungs on Thurs. Since then, things have been fairly uneventful...thank goodness! She may be able to move back to the rehab floor today. She is taking medication to keep her heart rate down and her blood pressure up. It's just been a long road for her, but I think she's finally beginning to improve!

My niece Lindsay is getting married this Saturday. Warren and I are host and hostess at the reception and I'm helping a little with the music (keyboard). Kayden is the ringbearer and Aila is the flower girl. We're a bit nervous about Kayden doing it, but since Aila's in it, maybe there's hope!