Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We had a great girls weekend at the lakehouse. This was the view we had from the deck on Saturday evening. It was so relaxing and I got a lot of rest. We watched 3 movies, ate out at a really good Mexican restaurant, napped, talked, sat on the deck, did much fun. I stayed in my pj's most of Saturday.

Relaxing with Tinkerbell and Lexi. We had 3 tiny dogs along...Tinkerbell is Deb's toy poodle and Mary Beth had her maltipoo Sammy and Michael and Lindsay's new maltese puppy Lexi (since they were on their honeymoon!)

Mary Beth and Deb went out and picked up pizza for Sat. night while we watched a movie.

Lounging on the deck.

Watching a movie...
I wasn't ready for the weekend to end, but as it is with all good things...
We decided to try to do this once every season. Sounds good to me!

*Update on Cindy...she is STILL in the hospital! It has been 8 weeks now. She had pneumonia the weekend that I was at the lakehouse. So she had IV antibiotics and is doing better now. She is on double amounts of lasix because she is retaining so much fluid...Her wound from the heart surgery is still not healed yet either, although it is SLOWLY healing. She is still on the wound vac machine. I'm heading up to see her tomorrow. Please keep praying for her body to heal!

I am doing Tobi again (every other month), which means my treatments take longer. I am doing four nebulized meds in the morning and five in the evening. I just am always glad when the Tobi month is done!! I also can tell that I'm going to need IV's again before long. I want to wait at least a month to see where Cindy is by then. I would hope she'll be out of the hospital by then...

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Katey said...

I love the lake! Looks like and sounds like you had a great time! It can be so relaxing, can't it?