Monday, June 15, 2009

Michael and Lindsay's wedding

My niece Lindsay got married on Sat. June 6. They took pictures before the wedding, which was nice...the music began at 3:00. Tiffany played piano and Beau and Nicole Hummel sang. The music was beautiful, the weather was beautiful, the bride was beautiful!

Kayden was in need of a nap at picture time. He would no way smile! The photographer tried to make him laugh by doing things with his Thomas the train, but all he'd do was reach for it! So she took a few pictures and then Jeremy whisked him home to sleep. He missed the whole wedding party picture, but needed the nap more :) The picture above is Michael, Jadon and Kayden.

Lindsay, the radiant bride!

The groomsmen were two of Michael's brothers, a cousin and his friend. The guy with the long hair that looks a little like pictures of Jesus is Lindsay's brother Shane.

The girls are Michael's sister, Lindsay's best friend from high school, two college friends and her sister Katelyn.

Flower girl Aila.

Katelyn, Lindsay and Mary Beth...I love this picture!

Aila was holding the little boys hands and they were doing fine, when suddenly Kayden decided to hurry everyone up and it ended up being a "line". You can't even see Jadon. It was funny. I guess it was better than him running in at rehearsal, which is what he did. I didn't even get a face view. But they were all cute.


Lindsay and her dad, Randy.


The reception was held at a pavilion at the training center.

This was the candy bar. There was a variety of candy and guests could scoop candy into an envelope or little box to take home. This was a real hit
Jen Christner, her two daughters and her sister-in-law did the decorating. They used pots of pansies, vases with hosta leaves and lots of old canning jars with tea lights in them. It was really pretty. The tables were all a little different. They even cut down two trees to put by the bridal table and one for the candy bar and hung little lanterns in them....creative.

Click on the picture to see more details, like the trees.

This was the entrance and the gift table. I loved the ladder idea.

The happy couple at their table.

The whole bridal party.

And finally, here we are, the tired host and hostess. We were the very last ones to eat. The food was really good...chicken, redskin potatoes, green beans, brocoli salad and rolls. The only real glitch is that the caterer didn't bring enough lemonade and we were having to haul water and ice from the kitchen in the training center. Clean up went pretty well, as Randy's family pitched in and we got it done pretty fast. Lindsay and Michael headed to Mexico for a week and we headed home to relax!

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Katey said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like everyone had a good time...and that ya'll were excellent hosts! Oh..and I love the candy table idea!