Monday, June 29, 2009


We had a sort of fun, sort of crazy weekend. We had been planning to go to Columbus for the weekend to celebrate our anniversary. But our plans were changed. Cindy had surgery on Friday afternoon to clean out her wound. We thought that it would be no big deal, cleaning out the small part that was still open, that's it. Wrong....There was infection in it and they ended up having to re-open the entire incision. There was infection even where the incision had healed all the way up. They had to remove some of the soft tissue part of the bone at some places. Where the breastbone was cut for the heart surgery, the bones had not healed together at all. Usually that begins in a few days post surgery. So they left the incision open, held together with a wound vac. They were going to change it and re-assess it on Sunday, so she was in the ICU all weekend. So we cancelled our room in Columbus and got an Embassy Suites in Cleveland, 7 miles from Cleve. Clinic. We went to see her three times, but also had a little time to relax. We went to Legacy Village awhile and we got chicken madeira at Cheesecake Factory. Sooo yummy! I have a copycat recipe I want to try sometime. We also shared a piece of raspberry lemon cheesecake. On Sunday afternoon, we ate at PF Changs. We saw Cindy and then got home Sunday evening.

Today I came back to the clinic. Cindy is in surgery again. They are taking part of her stomach muscle and using it to graft a "flap" to put over the breastbone that didn't heal. So I'm just waiting to hear, they took her down to surgery at 4:15. Her poor body has just been through so much in the last two months...


Katey said...

Poor Cindy! I'm praying that they get everything under control and that she heals quickly! I'm glad that you were able to still spend some time together for your anniversary!

Laura said...

What a rough road Cindy has traveled. I pray that this surgery will be successful, that they get the infection under control and that she finally starts healing properly so she can get back to her normal life soon.

Happy belated Anniversary!

Laura in CA