Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I had a CF appointment last Friday and things were not so good! My pft's dropped...FEV1 was 41% and .96 L. My shoulder joints, hands and knees also hurt really bad. I basically feel like I did last summer before going into the hospital. So I need a few weeks of IV's again. We are ready to head to Akron to get my picc line put in. I'm just happy I can do the IV's at home. Hopefully they will perk me up a bit!!


Judy said...

Praying you have a good day as you travel to and from Akron. I'm sorry to hear things have gone downhill a bit. Hopefully the IVs will pick you up and you'll be feeling better real soon. Take care of yourself!

Katey said...

Sorry!!! But yea, at least you can do them at home! I'm praying you feel better and bounce back very quickly!!!

Aspiemom said...

Your FEV1 matched mine, but my liters were 1.08. Sorry to hear you need to do IV's, but glad they will get you feeling better again. I told my dr. I want a Port next time and not PICC.