Friday, July 24, 2009


I had my picc line put in on Tues. It went in fine, but when they x-rayed to see if it was in the correct position, it had gone up in my neck. So they had to power wash it with saline to try to flip it the right way. Luckily, it worked! The infusion nurse came Wed. afternoon to start the IV's. I'm on ceftazadime every 8 hrs. and tobramycin every 24 hrs. Wed. evening, I noticed a funny feeling in my tongue and lips, which got worse yesterday. No swelling, just an annoying numb feeling. Then my face started feeling numb on the left side, as well as my hands. The nurse came at 6:00 to do a blood draw for the tobra. I told her about the weird feeling. She called my dr. who said I should go ahead and do the night IV of ceft, but call if it got worse. Today, I had several calls from the infusion nurse and also Chris, my PA from clinic, because my blood showed high levels of the tobra, so they wanted me to skip todays dose. They are lowering the tobra dose, the new meds came tonight and I am to do them every 48 hours instead of every 24. They called later and changed it to every 36 hours. The high levels were causing the numb side effects and it's definately better now, since there was no tobra today. That was all probably boring to read, but those were my glitches with the IV stuff so far!

Cindy is still at Cleveland Clinic. Her kidney levels are coming down to normal again, but she is still getting lasix by IV. She is hoping to move back to Wooster rehab next week. Yesterday Warren was at the clinic much of the day. Obama also made a visit to the clinic. Warren said security was really tight. And no, Obama didn't even stop in to visit her...

By the way, you have probably seen the you tube jk wedding entrance?? Made me smile :)

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Judy said...

I'm glad the repositioning of the picc line worked out well for you! Now I hope they get your meds regulated and you get feeling better real quickly!

Enjoyed the video! Wouldn't that be a real crack-up to experience in real life?!