Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Summertime, and the living is easy hectic. Whoa, I'm excited, that's the first time I've crossed out a word! This has been another crazy summer! Other than running back and forth to the hospital a lot to see Cindy, here are a few summery things we've been doing...

I have two blueberry bushes that I planted three years ago. This year I'm really getting a lot of them. I love it! We planted another one this year. I LOVE blueberries...the taste and the fact that they are high in antioxidents. I make a smoothie almost every morning and it includes blueberries! I'm also imagining a blueberry pie in about a week. I also have red raspberry bushes and I'm getting some nice big raspberries too. Kayden asks "let's go check the blueberries and raspberries" every time he's here. He'd eat all of them if I'd let him! We ration...

I love my hydrangeas!

Knockout roses.

Bee balm.

Kayden's first experience roasting marshmallows over the fire pit. He was really into it, very serious about getting it just right!

Oh, the concentration...(and see Perrin walking back there? He's doing that pretty good these days.)

We put them together with some Keebler fudge stripe cookies. His first s'more (sorta!) Pretty good! I bought some chocolate covered grahams for next time.

Another first, batting. His first tries were with the bat held upside down, holding the big part, but then he got it and was so proud when he hit it!

Stephanie and I took the kids to McDonald play place one day. They loved it! Such fun to be a kid...Steph went through it one time and got all hot and claustrophobic! And that's NOT her behind Kayden!

Riding on one of Great Grandpa's minature horses on a Sunday evening.

And then they went "fishing" in the pond.

These last few pictures were taken at Winesburg park. We got pizza and took it to the park and then had fun on the swings and slides. The boys both loved the slides.

Update on Cindy...she had another surgery last Thursday. Because her sternum bone didn't heal at all, they made a flap with one of the pectoralis muscles. They had intended to use the other one as well, but it didn't reach, so they had to extend the incision 6 inches longer, and use a fatty muscle called the omentum for the other part of the flap. She was in pretty bad shape last weekend...really miserable... but is now doing a lot better. The top 12 inches of her incision is still open and on the wound vac. She is now out of ICU and in a regular room.

And just to keep life from being too boring, my dad is having surgery on Friday for a herniated disc. I'm just praying it will go smoothly and he will have NO complications. It's really been quite a summer!!!!

BTW, our neighborhood is having a garage sale this Friday and Saturday. So I am having one too. But, since he's having surgery, I'll be at the hospital. I had wanted to really go through stuff and get rid of things, but no way did I have time to do that. But, if you live around here, you really should come and see all the great stuff that Stephanie has brought to need to come and stock up. You'll be glad you came!!! Seriously....


Judy said...

Once again, loved your pictures! You certainly have the touch with your flowers and landscaping! It seems that maybe I can see Perrin looking a little bit more like his big brother? How cute! Aren't they just the most fun ever? I'm so glad they're closer to you now so you can enjoy them even more!

Hope all goes well with your dad's surgery and that Cindy continues to improve. It's hard for you to get rest, isn't it?? Take care!

Anonymous said...

Love your hydrangeas sp? And when do you rest? Who is taking care of Marcia??

Carol Weaver said...

The Keebler "s'mores" have been named "schmookies" at our fire-circles. They are so good and easy...actually less messy than with a chocolate bar. I also loved your pics especially the flowers. You have always had quite the "touch".