Monday, July 13, 2009


I just finished my last inhaled Tobi for the month. I just feel like my treatment time takes forever when I have to add Tobi!! So now I get a whole month off and I'm happy... feeling the need to celebrate somehow...I'll think of something. Today is going to be a blueberry day. I'm picking off my bushes and I'm also buying a bunch to freeze for any future smoothies. And I'm thinking blueberry scones might be good.

My dad is doing well, he has to wear a neck collar for 8 weeks, which will probably drive him nuts...but at least the pain from the herniated disc is pretty much gone. He came home on Saturday. Cindy was moved back to ICU for a bit, but is back in her regular room again. She had 500 cc's drained off of her right lung yesterday. Her kidney levels are increasing too (not good), so they are keeping a close watch on that. The plastic surgeon talked to her last week about surgery to close her open wound with skin grafting, but she adamantly says no more surgery. I don't really blame her, she's had so many surgeries...but I don't know what other choice she has. The dr. will talk to her again this week. Warren and Tiffany were to see her yesterday. I rested all day, it was a good thing...And so now I'm off to get blueberries...

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