Friday, August 28, 2009

Home sweet home!!!

I'm going to pick up my SIL Cindy from the hospital today after a very long stay and many many surgeries, procedures, struggles. We didn't think she was going to make it a few times and we really weren't sure if she would ever be able to come back home. We thought she would maybe have to go to a nursing home. The original two day surgery, putting a rod in her leg on April 28 turned into four long months. BUT she is coming home to her apartment. And we are amazed at how well she is doing. She has lost 50 pounds and she's walking really well with a walker. She will always struggle with the bone disease that she has, and I doubt that it will get any better, but for now we're just glad she'll be home in her own bed. She will need some help with things and will need to go to rehab 2-3 days a week, but we'll work it all out. Keep praying for her as she adjusts to trying to be as independent as she can. We are thanking the Lord that she has come this far! There's no place like home....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday family night

Our family usually gets together over at my dad's on Sunday evenings for family sister, brother and our families. Normally, we all bring something for a meal, usually pretty casual. But tonight we had chicken enchiladas made by Missy Herrera (whose husband is Mexican) and they were yummy! We also made rice and beans, taco salad, chips and salsa and brownies. Dad got a golf cart this week, handy for him to ride uptown, take out the trash, putter around... whatever. The kids loved riding around in it tonight. Here Katelyn and I are taking Kayden and Perrin for a ride. Perrin wasn't too sure, but then liked it the second time around. On Saturday we did some weeding there and it was handy to load up the weeds in the back part and Katelyn dumped them. She loved her job!! I got my camera charger this week and now I can take PICTURES again!!

Aila ready for a turn!

Aila and Kayden decided that the grape harbor was their secret hideout and they had fun there. They pretended to cook, using berries they picked and had a brownie party. It was cute!

Aila (pronounced AY-la) just got her hair straighted last week. She is excited to start kindergarten this week and didn't want to have her "dumb curls", which personally, I love. But I think this looks really cute too. I think she looks like Pocohontas, don't you think??

Great Grandpa also started a fire, to burn a stump, and right away Kayden wanted to roast marshmallows, so we did. They both had fun with this, although Aila wanted to burn hers to a crisp...yuck!

It was just a great evening!! Kayden was a sticky, dirty mess, so I gave him a quick bath (Jeremy and Steph had gone home earlier to put Perrin to bed), so I gave him a quick bath and took him home naked, because I had no clothes...luckily, it's only about 3 minutes to take him home. He had a blast tonight and hopefully fell right into bed. I'm hoping he sleeps past 6:00 tomorrow morning (usual wake up time).

News flash!!! Cindy is planning to come home on Friday. We thought she was probably going to go to a nursing home for a bit first, but she is coming straight home. I am going to the hospital tomorrow morning to learn how to change her dressing, which will have to be done on a daily basis. She will come home with a walker and will need to go to outpatient rehab (hopefully here in town) 3 times a week. She has a tub shower and they are going to show me how to help her get her in and out. We are going to tear that out and put in a regular shower, but it won't be put in for a few weeks. I'm hoping things go well, it's going to be some work and we'll need some help. And medicare won't pay for a nurse, since she's not completely housebound. She can get in a car and be taken places. So I'll see what all is involved tomorrow. If she does come home Friday, it will be four months to the day that she's been in the hospital...the rehab people at Wooster have been just great with her, she considers them "family". I can't even imagine being in the hospital that long!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hot chocolate to the rescue

I went to Akron to get my picc line pulled out today. My friend Audrey went along, nice to have the company, and we were going to lunch afterwards. My pft's were still the same as last week and the appointment was going fine, until time to remove the picc. The last two times, it just slid right out like a piece of long spaghetti. This time it was stubborn! It hadn't co-operated going in and now it wasn't coming out! About 4 inches came out, then it stopped. I guess the vein was in a spasm and they can't yank it out, or it could break off and then there would be emergency surgery. So they put a heat pack on my arm...waited...didn't help. Next, tried squirting saline at the entrance site...didn't budge. Kept waiting, then trying. Still stuck. Chris, the nurse practitioner said maybe I should go drink hot chocolate to warm my body up. She was sort of joking, but when they called the picc team, they said I should take a break and go get some hot tea or hot chocolate. So Chris told me to go get Audrey and she'd make us some hot chocolate...and she did! So I sat there with hot packs wrapped around my arm and I sipped my hot chocolate and chatted with Audrey...and about 20 minutes later, they were finally able to remove the picc!! So now we know that hot chocolate has scientifically been proven to help remove picc lines...

Friday, August 14, 2009


I have been very lazy with blogging lately. I did have a clinic visit last Wednesday. My pulmonary function was exactly the same as the week before, I was so hoping to get higher. I had been starting with a scratchy throat and feeling sinusey, so they decided it would be better to continue on IV's for one more week, instead of pulling the picc and having this end up settling in my chest. They also want to do a bronch before too long, as I didn't culture anything this time, so they aren't sure why I got sick. They want to see if something is in hiding down there. So I've been continuing the IV's for my fourth week. It might have been a good thing too, as Warren got sick a few days ago and had sinus issues, a cough, fever and achiness. He even missed a day of work, which he NEVER does!! So I banished him to the bed in the basement and have been spraying everything with lysol and using clorox wipes. He is feeling better now, although still blowing his nose and coughing yet. Tomorrow I have another appointment at the clinic and they promised the picc line will be pulled. So I am doing my last tobra right now (still causes numbness), then three more of the ceft, then I'm done!! They did put me back on the hypertonic saline and I'm back on Tobi now. But happy to be OFF the prednisone! And I'm feeling really good!

Yesterday after church, Tiffany and I went to Wooster to see Cindy. Her surgery last Tuesday went well and the skin graft is healing well. They told her she'd have lots of pain in her leg where they scraped off the skin, but it hasn't been bad with the pain meds and she was able to keep doing rehab the day after surgery! So she is healing and doing pretty well...still don't know when she will be released though.

Tonight we are invited to a hog roast so I'm looking forward to that. I'm dying to get my new camera charger in the mail so I can finally post pictures again. I can't cope with not taking pictures...I wish it would come today.

I mixed up cinnamon rolls and they are rising right now. As soon as my tobra is done, I should be ready to roll them up. I haven't made cinnamon rolls in ages, but was hungry for them, so my kitchen should be smelling good soon...

Monday, August 10, 2009


The weather this summer has been so great, not much humidity, just almost perfect. Not the usual Ohio-like summer weather. But yesterday, it got really hot! After church, we decided to ride our cycle to Zanesville to see Tiffany. It took us a little over an hour and it did feel so good to ride in the warm weather! I packed up my IV stuff and took it along and I "hooked up" to my tobra after we got there. Later we went to Adornetto's for was so yummy! Mmm, oregano in the crust... right now, I'm so all about food because of the steroids. I'm eating everything in sight...I'm glad I will be done with them soon. But it HAS been great to have more energy and also my joints feel good again. So we had a nice visit at her place and over a late lunch, then we headed back to get home in time for my next IV. I'm really ready to be done with these! Only a couple more days...I'm feeling good again and I sure hope it lasts for a long while! I have a clinic appointment on Wed. and not sure if they'll take the picc out then or if the home health nurse will do it Thurs.

Last evening we went over to my dad's...for more food. Jeremy and Perrin didn't come, because Perrin is still not feeling quite back to normal yet. Kayden and Aila had a great time. Aila was showing off her backpack because she'll be in kindergarten, now Kayden wants one too. I finally ordered a new camera charger, mine is just not turning up anywhere and I can't stand not taking pictures! I hope I have it within the week!

Good news yesterday morning at church was that Tim Zuercher will be starting as our full time youth pastor in September!

Cindy will be having her skin graft surgery tomorrow at around 12:30. So I will probably pack up my IV's and go see her before she goes in and then stay until it's over. Hopefully, this will be the last surgery now. She can walk with a walker now, but can't stand on her own yet, her legs just collapse. Keep her in your prayers...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Feeling better

I had an appointment at Akron yesterday. My lungs are sounding better and my pulmonary function test showed that my pft's were up... FEV1 went up to 45% and 1.08 L. So...progress!! I am tapering from the prednisone now, still on the anti-fungal meds and I have one more week of IV's to do. I am to stay off the hypertonic saline, in case it's been irritating my airways...since this was a fairly new med for me. I'm still getting weird numbness in my face, lips, tongue after doing the tobra IV. But it does go away after several hours. The home health nurse was just here to do blood draws and change my picc dressing.

Kayden has had a cough and croup and now Perrin is getting it... so I have been staying away from them. I'm ready for all of us to be better!

Cindy is doing so much better. I think she's finally over the hump! She is up walking with a walker and feeling pretty good. AND she is going to have the skin graft surgery now, which is very good news! They told her at Wooster that it will take months and months to heal if she doesn't do it and they explained it really well to her. She would be in the hospital part to do the surgery as an out patient, and then move back to the rehab floor. She will be doing this next week. Her goal is to get home by the end of the month. I hope she can do it!