Thursday, August 6, 2009

Feeling better

I had an appointment at Akron yesterday. My lungs are sounding better and my pulmonary function test showed that my pft's were up... FEV1 went up to 45% and 1.08 L. So...progress!! I am tapering from the prednisone now, still on the anti-fungal meds and I have one more week of IV's to do. I am to stay off the hypertonic saline, in case it's been irritating my airways...since this was a fairly new med for me. I'm still getting weird numbness in my face, lips, tongue after doing the tobra IV. But it does go away after several hours. The home health nurse was just here to do blood draws and change my picc dressing.

Kayden has had a cough and croup and now Perrin is getting it... so I have been staying away from them. I'm ready for all of us to be better!

Cindy is doing so much better. I think she's finally over the hump! She is up walking with a walker and feeling pretty good. AND she is going to have the skin graft surgery now, which is very good news! They told her at Wooster that it will take months and months to heal if she doesn't do it and they explained it really well to her. She would be in the hospital part to do the surgery as an out patient, and then move back to the rehab floor. She will be doing this next week. Her goal is to get home by the end of the month. I hope she can do it!


Aspiemom said...

Glad you saw improvement with the IV's. That's what my last liters were, but my FEV1 was 41%.

I had those same symptoms on Azactam and they discontinued it because they felt it was too dangerous. First my feet and hands got tingly and numb, then my face, then my tongue. It went away after a while, like yours did, but we all agreed it was too risky. Tobra bothered my ears this last time.

Somer Love said...

45 SO AWESOME!!!!! I want to blow a 42 SO bad! Hypertonic definitely bothers my airways I dont do it!

I hope you all feel better soon! ((((((HUGS)))))