Friday, August 14, 2009


I have been very lazy with blogging lately. I did have a clinic visit last Wednesday. My pulmonary function was exactly the same as the week before, I was so hoping to get higher. I had been starting with a scratchy throat and feeling sinusey, so they decided it would be better to continue on IV's for one more week, instead of pulling the picc and having this end up settling in my chest. They also want to do a bronch before too long, as I didn't culture anything this time, so they aren't sure why I got sick. They want to see if something is in hiding down there. So I've been continuing the IV's for my fourth week. It might have been a good thing too, as Warren got sick a few days ago and had sinus issues, a cough, fever and achiness. He even missed a day of work, which he NEVER does!! So I banished him to the bed in the basement and have been spraying everything with lysol and using clorox wipes. He is feeling better now, although still blowing his nose and coughing yet. Tomorrow I have another appointment at the clinic and they promised the picc line will be pulled. So I am doing my last tobra right now (still causes numbness), then three more of the ceft, then I'm done!! They did put me back on the hypertonic saline and I'm back on Tobi now. But happy to be OFF the prednisone! And I'm feeling really good!

Yesterday after church, Tiffany and I went to Wooster to see Cindy. Her surgery last Tuesday went well and the skin graft is healing well. They told her she'd have lots of pain in her leg where they scraped off the skin, but it hasn't been bad with the pain meds and she was able to keep doing rehab the day after surgery! So she is healing and doing pretty well...still don't know when she will be released though.

Tonight we are invited to a hog roast so I'm looking forward to that. I'm dying to get my new camera charger in the mail so I can finally post pictures again. I can't cope with not taking pictures...I wish it would come today.

I mixed up cinnamon rolls and they are rising right now. As soon as my tobra is done, I should be ready to roll them up. I haven't made cinnamon rolls in ages, but was hungry for them, so my kitchen should be smelling good soon...

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Aspiemom said...

I hope your husband's illness doesn't delay your return to "full health" (such as it is) and that you get your PICC pulled on Wednesday. That's always a great feeling - the "first" shower and freedom from the IV's.

I can just see you going around spraying and wiping everything down - I do that, too.

I'm having a lot of sinus problems and am shorter of breath. I'm not productive, tho, so I'm not sure whether to call the clinic.