Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday family night

Our family usually gets together over at my dad's on Sunday evenings for family sister, brother and our families. Normally, we all bring something for a meal, usually pretty casual. But tonight we had chicken enchiladas made by Missy Herrera (whose husband is Mexican) and they were yummy! We also made rice and beans, taco salad, chips and salsa and brownies. Dad got a golf cart this week, handy for him to ride uptown, take out the trash, putter around... whatever. The kids loved riding around in it tonight. Here Katelyn and I are taking Kayden and Perrin for a ride. Perrin wasn't too sure, but then liked it the second time around. On Saturday we did some weeding there and it was handy to load up the weeds in the back part and Katelyn dumped them. She loved her job!! I got my camera charger this week and now I can take PICTURES again!!

Aila ready for a turn!

Aila and Kayden decided that the grape harbor was their secret hideout and they had fun there. They pretended to cook, using berries they picked and had a brownie party. It was cute!

Aila (pronounced AY-la) just got her hair straighted last week. She is excited to start kindergarten this week and didn't want to have her "dumb curls", which personally, I love. But I think this looks really cute too. I think she looks like Pocohontas, don't you think??

Great Grandpa also started a fire, to burn a stump, and right away Kayden wanted to roast marshmallows, so we did. They both had fun with this, although Aila wanted to burn hers to a crisp...yuck!

It was just a great evening!! Kayden was a sticky, dirty mess, so I gave him a quick bath (Jeremy and Steph had gone home earlier to put Perrin to bed), so I gave him a quick bath and took him home naked, because I had no clothes...luckily, it's only about 3 minutes to take him home. He had a blast tonight and hopefully fell right into bed. I'm hoping he sleeps past 6:00 tomorrow morning (usual wake up time).

News flash!!! Cindy is planning to come home on Friday. We thought she was probably going to go to a nursing home for a bit first, but she is coming straight home. I am going to the hospital tomorrow morning to learn how to change her dressing, which will have to be done on a daily basis. She will come home with a walker and will need to go to outpatient rehab (hopefully here in town) 3 times a week. She has a tub shower and they are going to show me how to help her get her in and out. We are going to tear that out and put in a regular shower, but it won't be put in for a few weeks. I'm hoping things go well, it's going to be some work and we'll need some help. And medicare won't pay for a nurse, since she's not completely housebound. She can get in a car and be taken places. So I'll see what all is involved tomorrow. If she does come home Friday, it will be four months to the day that she's been in the hospital...the rehab people at Wooster have been just great with her, she considers them "family". I can't even imagine being in the hospital that long!!!


Laura said...

How exciting for Cindy! Glad you are doing well enough that you can help her out at home. Loved seeing pictures again, the boys are growing up so fast. Ayla really does look like Pocohontas, she is so cute. Remember to take care of yourself too.


Somer Love said...

I love the grape harbor!

Thanks for all your encouraging comments I really appreciate them!

There's a lil something on my blog for you :)

Dawn said...

You are all very lucky to have Sunday family nights. It looks like so much fun. I'll be thinking of you Friday as your sister in law comes home. It was really great seeing you on Sunday after church.

Joanna said...

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