Monday, September 21, 2009

Long time

It's been a long time since I've blogged! There are times during the week when I think of something blog worthy and create it in my mind, then when I sit down at the computer during my treatment time, I just check other blogs or recipes and don't feel like blogging myself. Also, I can't even remember what I had wanted to blog about!! I am on facebook a lot too. September seems to be flying by... I love September. The mornings and evenings have a crisp feel and the afternoons are still warm and hanging on to summer. I'm not quite ready to get pumpkins and gourds yet, just not ready to let go of summer. I still have lots of flowers blooming, my raspberries are still bearing, although they are slowing down a little.

Cindy is at home and doing well. She still can't drive, so I've been taking her to some of her dr. appointments and we went to pick up her two dachshunds last week, which was an emotional reunion for her, as they are her babies.

I've been feeling pretty well and have been keeping busy with Cindy, grandkids and just general "stuff". This afternoon I'm going with my sister to Columbus where Michael and Lindsay will participate in a "white coat ceremony". They just moved to their apartment last weekend and will be starting dental school on Wednesday. So this will signify the beginning of that journey.

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Laura said...

Whew, glad to see you're doing well. We returned from vacation last night (great trip) and I was concerned that there were no emails from you and that you hadn't posted on this blog. It is amazing how well Cindy is doing considering how sick she was, praise God. I'll email you once I catch up on a few things. In the meantime, glad you're well and busy.

Laura (Ca)