Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Looking out my windows

These two pictures are just part of the view out of my back windows.

These two are looking out my front windows.
We are pretty much surrounded by trees, so I have a wonderful view with every window!

Fall is such a beautiful time! I'm truly amazed every single year at the beauty of the trees. Last week was cold, damp and yucky, but the trees were still beautiful. This week has been a little warmer and sunny. There are a couple of trees out the back that are so bright, they are almost irridescent!

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Florida for a week! I know, I know, I'll be missing a few more days of beauty, but I also need a vacation!! I wanted Warren to go, but he couldn't take off work right now because someone retired and they're extra busy. So my sister quickly volunteered to go with me. And we asked my friend Karen too. Mary Beth and I are flying for free because Michael and Lindsay got bumped coming back from their honeymoon in June and since they are both busy in dental school, they gave it to us. Usually they are non-transferrable, but these were!! So that was fun! I'm going to work outside this afternoon and enjoy the colored leaves...tomorrow I'll be enjoying palm trees!


J said...

I agree--this is just a beautiful time of the year. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I'm so happy you are going to have a little vacation. I'm sure you gals will have a lot of fun. (And the free air travel is not too shabby either!!) Enjoy yourselves and soak up some sunshine for the rest of us!

Kate Starr said...

Have a wonderful trip Marcia... soak up some Florida fun & sun. Your pictures remind me why we live in gorgeous Ohio!

Laura said...

What beautiful views. I really love the fall colors but unfortunately this is something we don't see here. I was happy to see the start of the color season on our trip to Utah last month :-)

Have a great time in Florida. I'm sure the beautiful views of the water will make up for missing the trees. :-D

Laura (California)

Aspiemom said...

Beautiful pictures!

You know about Lauren? I know you follow her blog.