Monday, October 12, 2009


What, you might ask, is THIS??? Yes, you might think I'm nuts, but I tried making my own laundry detergent! It all started, because I'm sensitive to cleaning items. I just have a hard time breathing them. I've tried the Seventh Generation stuff, but it's expensive. So I've been looking into ways of using simple ingredients I have on hand to clean with and also found a recipe for laundry detergent, which comes out to about 1 to 2 cents a load! I just had to try it and it was very easy to make. It uses the items in the first picture, all found in the laundry section. It cost less than $7.00 and I used one bar of the Fels Naptha, and had tons of the other left for more. The Fels bars are $1.19. IF you want to try it, here's the recipe:

1 Fels Naptha bar
3/4 C washing soda (NOT baking soda)
3/4 C borax
You can hand grate the bar, but I thought that was too much work, so I ground it up in my food processor. It looked like shredded cheese, so I kept running it with the blade in the bottom and it kept getting finer. It took only a few minutes to do the whole thing. You use 2 T per load. I put it in and fill the washer before I add the clothes. I've washed several loads, they get very clean. It also takes up VERY little space. You can also make this into a liquid, but to me it seemed like it would take up more space and you have to stir it every time you use it. Plus it seemed like it would be slimy??

For fabric softener, you can just add some white vinegar to the rinse cycle.

Here are a couple more cleaning ideas...

Pure dish soap cleans about anything.

Warm water with some white vinegar in it is a great disinfectant for counter tops.

All purpose cleaner:
1 t borax
1/2 T washing soda
2 T lemon juice
Combine ingredients in spray bottle with 1 C hot water and shake.

Drain cleaner:
Pour 1 C white vinegar and 1 C baking soda in drain. Let stand a few minutes. It bubbles. Flush with several cups of hot water. This freshens the drain or garbage disposal.

Sink cleaner:
Combine equal amounts of baking soda and salt to scrub sinks, tubs and stainless steel. Rinse well.

Warm water, a couple T of white vinegar and a little dish soap. This doesn't streak!

Toilet bowl:
Sprinkle some baking soda and lemon juice in toilet and wait awhile. Later scrub with toilet brush.

Ink stain remover:
1 T white vinegar
1 T milk
1 t borax
1 t lemon juice
Mix together, then apply to ink stain. Let on for 10 minutes. Dampen sponge with cool water and dab till gone.

Furniture polish:
Mix 1 C olive oil
1/2 C lemon juice
Shake well and apply small amount to cloth.

There you have basic stuff and easier to breathe it!


Katey said...

Very cool!!!

Laura said...

I'm laughing at the thought of grinding up the soap bar in your food processor, you must have a very clean processor now! Seriously, this sounds like a great idea. I'm going to have to try it too. I've been doing okay with Tide Unscented but it costs more than this recipe. Are you trying all those cleaning ideas?

Laura (California)

65 Roses for Marcia said...

Yes, I DO have a very clean food processor and yes, I am using the cleaning ideas.

Written Permission said...

OK, I am so excited that you did this -- I found this recipe a couple of months ago and have been too chicken to try it! I'm so excited that you had great results!

One question: Where did you find the borax and washing soda? I've scoured (ha) the aisles of the grocery stores in Mt. Gilead and Wal-Mart, etc., and I cannot find them. Maybe I'll have to make a trip to Holmes County to pick up some supplies. :)

Did it make a big mess?

(This is Shannon Goad, by the way!)

65 Roses for Marcia said...

Shannon, I got the stuff at Rodhes. WalMart does NOT have any of it. Buehlers also has it. Stock up next time you come to HC. It is totally easy to make and not messy.

Anonymous said...

how do you make the wash soap into a liquid. Did you know that this is a similar recipe that the famous Duggars use? Duggars with 18 kids and counting? Thank you for sharing your green and healthful insights. Eileen from MI

65 Roses for Marcia said...

Liquid dish soap recipe:
Heat 3 pints of water, add 1/3 bar of Fels Naptha (grated), stir till melted. Then add 1/2 washing soda and 1/2 C borax, stir till dissolved. In a 2 gallon pail, pour 1 qt. hot water, add soap mixture. Top with cold water. Stir well. Stir each time you use it. Use 1/2 C per load.
To me, the dry just seems easier...

Written Permission said...

What do you store it in??

65 Roses for Marcia said...

You mean the dry detergent??? I just made a double batch this morning and have it in an older tupperware container. Very easy to store. I did check the Duggars website and it is similar to my recipe.

65 Roses for Marcia said...

WalMart does now carry borax, washing soda and fels naphtha.