Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blog abandonment!

Yes, I have abandoned my poor little blog for a month!! I am guilty. So here are a few things that I have been doing in the past month...I enjoyed the week in Florida with Mary Beth and Karen immensely!! Here are a few pictures...Above is the view we enjoyed every morning from our little screened in porch. The condo looks out over Siesta Key drawbridge, it's fun to watch it go up for large sailboats several times a day.

A gorgeous sunset on the beach...

Whose toes are whose???

This was just a cool display in the grocery store there...cases of orange crush, Dr. Pepper and Mt. Dew. I thought it worthy of a picture.

OK, so every night we went to Sweet Berries and got ice cream. It's a frozen custard place and so yummy! My favorite was a snickerdoodle concrete, like a flurry or blizzard with lots of snickers in it. At first I got small ones, then began upgrading to mediums!! Oh well, it was vacation!!

This was the view out the back of the condo.

We went on a dinner cruise one evening and had way too much fun!!

At the bow of the boat...Titanic girl...

The condo, poolside.

Our view when we were relaxing out by the pool.

These tall red-headed dudes were just strolling around outside of the mall...really strange to see!

Yeah, it was just a great time, great weather, great friends, great food...could've stayed longer!

Since I've been back:
  • I've lost my little bit of tan
  • I took my dad to the airport so he can head to the condo for the winter
  • I've gone with Cindy to two dr. appointments
  • I've weeded around my house to get ready for cold weather
  • I've done some Christmas shopping
  • I've had my left ear suctioned and a tube put in it
  • I 've gotten my H1N1 shot
  • I've had a consultation in Cleveland for an upcoming bronchoscopy
  • I've attended my high school reunion
  • I've celebrated my grandson's 3rd birthday, as well as my daughter-in-law's
  • I've learned how to make artisan bread in 5 minutes
  • I've gone to Katelyn's basketball scrimmages
  • I've done stuff with my grandkids
And that's why my poor blog was abandoned for so long!


Judy said...

So happy to have you back!! I was getting worried something wasn't "right"! Anyway, I'm delighted you had such a fun vacation and you look great. The pictures are super, how could it not have been a good time! Getting away with the girls is always fun. Don't stay away so long next time!!

Written Permission said...

We missed you! :)

Kate Starr said...

Welcome back!! Loved seeing the condo... we are headed there in April! And I have been dreaming of Sweet Berries for months already!!

Aspiemom said...

From your pictures it looks like you had a great time and stayed in a great place. You're so blessed with wonderful family and friends.