Monday, December 14, 2009


The gingerbread house that I threw together last week out of a kit. The little boys love touching it and would love to lick it!

These are one of my favorite Christmas time cookies, thumbprints. They are a bit of work, because you have to roll the dough into tiny balls, then into egg whites and then chopped pecans. You bake them 5 minutes, then press your thumb in the middle and bake 5 more minutes. Then buttercream icing in the middle!! I could easily eat 10 of those buttery little things at once!

Kayden and I made gingerbread cookies one evening.

He was a little concerned that they would jump out of the oven when I opened the door!

Steph and the boys came over last Monday afternoon to help with the cutout cookies. I tried to show Perrin how to put the sprinkles on the frosting, but he was just interested in eating them!

Well, basically, so was Kayden!

The cookie cutouts are another favorites that my mom always made. They are not the soft kind. They are more crispy and a little soft in the middle. And again, very buttery tasting...yum! I do love butter!!!

He did get some sprinkles on before he started licking his fingers and eating!

These are cookies that I took home from a cookie exchange that our church had. It was fun and interesting to see all the different kinds of cookies!

Saturday evening Warren and I went to hear Tiffany sing in the Messiah. It was wonderful with the live orchestra!! Then last night at church was the kids Christmas program. It was really cute and well done!! Now I'm officially in the Christmas spirit!!!

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Written Permission said...

Those look WONDERFUL! And I'm in awe of the Gingerbread House you just "threw together" -- even if it's from a kit, I'm still very impressed. :) This looks like a much more professional operation than what I did over the weekend!